How to Clean Baseboards in 2 Easy Steps

Let’s face it: Taking care of our walls and floors is easier than some other parts of the home.

Like baseboards — you know, those narrow strips of wood that line the base of interior walls. They can really take a beating!
If it’s not the dust bunnies and dirt that accumulate in these areas, it’s the small scuff marks that develop over time.

Fortunately, there’s a Simple Solution!

Joe Truini breaks it down into two steps:

  • Mix one quart of water with about one cup of liquid fabric softener.
  • Use a cloth or sponge to wash the decorative molding and baseboards.

So, why does this work? Well, the antistatic property of the fabric softener helps to remove the dirt and prevents static cling from attracting more dust.

And that’s today’s Simple Solution!

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  1. Thanks for the front load washing machine cleaning tips. Can’t wait to try. Love my front loader. Hate the mold. I already leave door open but only started this after the mold started. Already clean the detergent cups regularly. But the other tips will help me battle this nusaince. Thanks again. (Also will try the baseboard simple solution. Wish I had seen it before I cleaned baseboards two days ago! ).

  2. Mr. Lipford,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your email articles
    as well as your TV show. So much that I learn is time-saving and
    saves money too. Keep on with your excellent show and those
    instructions. Many, I save to a folder.
    Thank you!

  3. Enjoy learning from your radio shows. Took your advice and shared with my son in another state (who has huge responsibilities including and old farm house that is paid for but needs lots of attention.) The do one side first is the advice I shared. A new garage door, a new entrance door on the front side have lifted spirits and will lead to other minor improvements a little at a time. He and his boys will enjoy and be more comfortable in their old farm house.
    Great advice. Thanks!

  4. Has anyone tried this long term? Wondering if it leaves a residue that will ultimately attract more dirt? I clean houses for a living and this would make things easier as long as there is no long term buildup and it doesnt hurt hardwood floors or carpet

    • Hi, Rebecca!
      This is how we’ve regularly maintained our baseboards for years and no issues so far.
      Highly recommended. 🙂

  5. Hello again. Love the “tips” you so kindly share. Have another question for you. I have a double door (Marvins) opening onto my deck. I notice something at the base of both doors that appears to be rust. It is on both doors and is about 10″ W x 2-3 ” in depth and inside.

    The doors appear to be constructed with steel. Question – can mold grow on this type of material? It looks like rust, but am now wondering if it could be mold? Am concerned about cleaning the areas. Can you help? Thank you for considering my question. Sincerely, C F Jefferson

    • Hi, CF,
      Yes, mold can develop on steel surfaces if they’re not regularly cleaned.
      We recommend routine inspections and maintenance to prevent issues.
      Good luck!


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