The goal of closet organization is simple. Get your clothing, shoes, and accessories in order so that you can get dressed quickly and easily, wearing outfits that you love! For most people, figuring out what steps to take is difficult. Try our 10 easy steps designed to get even the most disorganized closet in order.

    1. Start by trying on everything in your closet. This is tedious; however, it is the only way you will really know what fits, what looks great, and is still in good condition.
    1. Face all of the hangers in your closet in one direction. As you wear items, have them laundered, and return them to your closet, turn them and face them the other way. This is a great way to separate the clothes you wear from the one’s you don’t.
    1. Ask yourself the following questions about a garment before deciding to keep it?
      • Do I love it?
      • Is it in good condition?
      • Does it make me feel great about myself?
      • It is in style?
      • It is comfortable?
      • Could someone else use it more than me?
    1. Take a look to find any wasted space in your closet, and try to maximize it. Consider adding another hanging bar, or shelves close to the top or bottom of the closet. These changes are quick, inexpensive and can add a lot of space to your closet.
    1. An easy way to make a big difference in your closet is to change the type of hangers you use. I love wooden hangers. However, you can use any type of hanger you wish. As long as they are all of the same type. This creates a uniform appearance in your closet. The goal is to have all of your garments hanging at one height, on a hanger that is uniform in width. This way you will never lose clothes by not being able to see them.
    1. Add some light to your closet. Unless you have a large walk in closet with an overhead light, chances are you have trouble seeing things in your closet. Add some stick-on LED lights to the walls to make things easier to see.
    1. The insides of closets often get dingy and dirty. Paint the inside of your closet a fun color to brighten and freshen things up. Home improvement stores will often have cast off paint gallons for $5 or less so check there before you buy.
    1. Use your door space. By adding an organizational tool, like an over-the-door shoe rack, you can add a significant amount or storage space to your closet. Keep in mind these are also great for scarves, belts, etc.
    1. Just like you would sort through your clothes, its important to sort through your shoes. Shoes that are not worn frequently, such as occasion shoes, can be stored in a small plastic box on a shelf in the closet. This keeps them out of the way and also prevents them from getting dusty and beaten up. Again, ask yourself the questions above in Number 3, and make decisions about what shoes to keep.
  1. Organize your closet how it works for you. Some organizers suggest grouping by genre, other suggest grouping by color, and some by outfit. It’s not important how to group items, just make sure it works for you.

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Bonnie Joy Dewkett, CPO® is an organizing expert, author, and motivational speaker. Her company, The Joyful Organizer®, creates and implements organizational systems for the home or office. Bonnie has achieved the designation of Certified Professional Organizer, CPO®, from The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. She is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and has published The Joyful Organizer’s Guide to a Joyful Move, which is available on her website:

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