You’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money making sure that the inside of your home reflects your personal style and makes your home the kind of comfortable and dynamic living space that you need. But when was the last time you thought about the exterior of your home? Over time the exterior of your home can start to look a little drab and worn out.

If your home’s exterior is starting to bring down the look of your home or if you just think it’s time to make the exterior of your home reflect the same care and attention to detail that you’ve put into the interior of your home there are lots of ways that you bring life back to the exterior of your home. These home exterior ideas are perfect if you want to make the outside of your home as beautiful and unique as the interior.

Home Exterior Ideas

Vertical Exterior Siding

If you’re tired of your home looking like every other house in the neighborhood but you’re not ready to make a radical change in the appearance of your home’s exterior vertical exterior siding is a great way to make a change that will still keep your home looking cohesive with the other homes in your neighborhood.

Vertical board and batten siding is affordable and doesn’t take that long to put on. By simply swapping your existing horizontal vinyl siding for vertical siding you can give your home a nice upgrade without a lot of drama or expense.

And if you live in an HOA community changing to vertical exterior siding is a change that most HOA’s won’t object to that lets you give your home a little more personality.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is a classic choice for homeowners. In some parts of the country nearly all the homes have wood siding. Wood siding is very easy to install and it comes a vast range of natural colors. Because each piece is put on individually you can combine house color combinations to create a truly unique look for your home. Wood also is easy to paint and holds stain very well. So if you want to have a home that is very unique but still has the original character of the home wood siding is a good choice.

The biggest drawbacks of using wood siding to recreate the exterior of your home is that wood siding does require a lot of maintenance. The wood needs to be painted or stained every few years. And the wood has to be inspected for damage from pests and insects regularly. But if you do find a damaged or discolored section it’s very easy to pull out only the damaged section and replace it.

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Steel Log Siding

If you love the look of a real wood home but want an exterior finish that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance steel log siding is a good choice. Steel log siding gives homeowners the beauty of a traditional wood-frame house or log cabin but the steel makes the siding virtually impenetrable. You will never have to worry about painting or staining steel log siding and it holds up far better than stone veneer siding and vinyl.

And you won’t have to worry about pests either. You won’t have to worry about pressure washing it regularly either. You can rinse off steel log siding with a garden hose and it will look great.

If you want home exterior ideas to make your property look great but you don’t want to have to invest any time in maintaining the look of your home then you should look into steel log siding for your home.


Another way that you can add some personality to your home’s exterior is to change the roofing. According to John Anderson of Denver’s Severe Weather Roofing, asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing but it’s not the only kind out of there. You can use rubber roofing tiles or other types of roofing materials to create some impact on the exterior of your home. You can even use some types of shingles to change the roofline of your home and dramatically change the appearance of your home.

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Today’s Homeowner Tips

Using mixed color roofing in patterns is also an easy way to transform the look of your home’s exterior so that it reflects your own taste.

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