There’s something about black trim on a white house that looks chic. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your home’s exterior or want to change things up a bit, consider one of these 13 white house black trim design ideas. These 13 white house black trim design ideas will show you how you can do it in style. From traditional and subtle to bold and modern, there’s sure to be an option that suits your taste. 

Why not start planning your next home improvement project with these design ideas today?

1. Modern White House With Black Trim

Above is a stunning example of the modern white house with black trim perfect for those who love plenty of natural light. The beautiful black and white color scheme are offset by the exterior’s straight lines, creating a clean and stylish look.

Plus, who could resist the crystal-clear water in the backyard? Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or entertain guests, this home has it all! This home is sure to impress, featuring an abundance of windows and recessed lighting.


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2. Modern Summer House With Black Trim

As you see above, a modern two-story summer house is perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

The black trim and wooden accent add a touch of elegance, while the recessed lighting ensures you can enjoy this space even after the sun goes down.

With plenty of natural light and a beautiful view of your backyard, you’ll love spending time here.


3. Black Trim on a Modern White Farmhouse

Above is a design idea to incorporate black trim to a modern white farmhouse, perfect for anyone who wants a modern look with a touch of farmhouse style.

The house features a porch supported by white columns, double-hung sash windows with black shutters, and black metal roofing contrasting with the white siding.

The design features are ideal combinations of classic and contemporary. 


4. Modern White Farmhouse With Black Trim and Black Gates

The modern white farmhouse you see above is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design.

The clean-cut black roof and white concrete exterior give it a modern edge, while the black shutters and gates add a touch of country charm.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants a stylish home with plenty of practical features.


5. White Wooden House With Black Roof

Are you looking for a stylish home that will weather the test of time? Look no further than this white wooden house with black trim!

The house design features white-trimmed double-hung sash windows, an open portico supported by two white wooden columns, white siding, and black roofing.

The black tops are a beautiful contrast to the white wood, and they add a touch of sophistication to any property. The white wood gives a classic look that will never fade.


6. A Mix of Contemporary and Old Chinese Architecture

The bar building above is a stunning example of a mix of old and contemporary Chinese architecture. This design’s new and old elements contrast sharply, creating an eye-catching display that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The black tile roofings, window casings, and clean-cut black stone portico make a beautiful stark contrast against the white walls. This design is perfect if you are looking for your next intriguing and interesting bar project.


7. Modern White Concrete Building With Black Trim

When it comes to finding a modern white concrete building with black trim, you can’t go wrong with this design.

The many windows feature plenty of natural light, and the black and white color scheme gives it a clean look.

Plus, the recessed lighting is a nice touch. With its open terrace at the back, this building design would be perfect for holding family activities on your backyard lawn.


8. White Wooden House with Black Trim

A two-story white wooden house like the one above is perfect for your family vacation.

The black trim on the doors, windows, and staircase railings makes the property stand out and gives it an edge.

And what could be better than relaxing by the pool in your backyard?


9. White Historic House With Black Trim and Chimney in Antique Bricks

Are you looking for a historic home with a touch of black? Look above at the landmark white house with black trim and a red brick chimney.

This unique home features beautiful white concrete exteriors, black tile roofing, black window casings, among a few.

It’s the perfect choice for those who want a classic look with a modern twist.


10. New England House With White and Light Teal Exterior Walls and Black Trim

A New England-style home perfect for those who want a touch of traditional charm with a modern flair. The white and light teal exterior walls are contrasted beautifully by the black doors, black trim around all windows, and the orange brick exterior wall accent on the ground floor. And don’t forget the green yard!

With plenty of space to grow flowers or vegetables, this home offers the perfect oasis for anyone looking to avoid the hustle and bustle.


11. White Prefabricated and Modular House With Black Trim

Are you looking for a chic and modern prefab home? This white modular house is ideal for a stylish holiday or pool house. The black trim adds a touch of drama, and the large windows let in plenty of light.

A holiday home like this is perfect for those who appreciate beautiful exterior design and want something different from the traditional modular homes. With its black frame and pool, this house is sure to make a statement.


12. White Tudor House With Orange Tile Roofing and Wooden Black Trim

This white Tudor house with orange tile roofing is a traditional design idea for your home.

It features steeply pitched gable roofs, a playfully elaborate masonry chimney, windows with a wooden encasement, black rafters, and decorative black half-timbering contrasting the white exterior walls.

The design features of this type of white house would be a great addition to any home!


13. White Thorpeness-Style House With Black Trim 

The white house design is perfect for an ideal beach house or a Suffolk-inspired suburban home. You can notice how the builder made a careful design to capture the essence of an authentic beach house.

An example you see above is a white Thorpeness house with black trim, an iconic beach architecture symbol.

Black frames on the white walls and black balcony railings adorn the house’s exterior.


So there you have it, 13 white house black trim design ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you have any questions or need help with a project, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We hope you find these ideas informative and helpful. Comment and like below to let us know which one is your favorite!

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