Retrofit Any Bathroom Vent Fan to Be Humidity-Sensing

Humidity in your bathroom can become a big problem if someone in your house doesn’t remember to turn on the exhaust fan.

You know the kind of steamy mess that makes, but what you may not know is that condensation leads to much bigger problems including mold and mildew. And suddenly, an innocent mistake that happens enough times can affect your health.

Now, you may have heard of humidity-sensing bathroom exhaust fans, but what if you don’t have one of those?

No problem — the DewStop Condensation Fan Control turns your bathroom fan on when moisture is present and off when dry. It replaces the existing fan switch and works with ANY ventilation fan.

The control includes adjustable humidity-sensitivity settings so that you can tailor your fan to your room’s particular climate.

It also includes an adjustable zero to 60-minute timer and manual on-off control. The setting adjustments are concealed beneath a cover on the switch, so they’re easy to change without removing the switch. 

Want to make sure your bathroom stays clean and dry?

This simple upgrade will help you prevent mold and mildew by turning your fan on automatically, even if your family forgets to.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find the DewStop Condensation Fan Control at The Home Depot

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