Pinocchio Inspired Faucet for Kitchen or Bath

Moving the arms of Pinocchio faucet to turn water on and off.
Pinocchio faucet from Italian faucet maker Emmevi Rubinetterie.

This Pinocchio inspired faucet designed by Bruno Negri for Italian faucet maker Emmevi Rubinetterie will brighten the faces of children of all ages.

Made entirely of brass, the Pinocchio faucet has a durable ceramic cartridge for long life. Moving the arms turns the hot and cold water on and off.

Pinocchio faucet finishes include:

  • Chrome
  • White
  • Colored wood
  • Colored wood with painted clothing (pictured)

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Allen Lyle: This faucet, I love this, any kid in the world would like this in their bathroom, I’d like it in my bathroom.

It’s very high quality, I’m going to say this, the inner workings of this is a cartridge that’s ceramic inside—no plastic. This is going to last a lifetime.

Operation—you’ve got your hot and cold, of course, water with the arms. Water dispersed though Pinocchio’s lie detecting nose—kids are going to love that. It’s a great way to add fantasy to any bathroom.

And, hey, you’ve got someone to talk to when you’re brushing your teeth, right? How about after the show we go for a wood-fired pizza? No, no offense there.


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