Master Bathroom Rebuild

Danny Lipford in completed master bathroom renovation project.
Danny Lipford in completed master bathroom renovation project.

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Our master bathroom renovation included gutting and enlarging the existing bathroom to take in part of an adjoining, unused study, with the remainder of the room being converted into a walk-in closet that’s accessible from the bathroom.

Bathroom Subfloor Repair

During demolition of the old bathroom, water damaged wood was discovered in the subfloor under the bathtub and replaced with 3/4″ plywood. Since the old bathroom floor was several inches lower than the floor in the adjoining study, skids were ripped from 2x4s and nailed to the subfloor on top of the joists.

A second plywood subfloor was then installed on top of the skids to make the bathroom floor level with the higher floor in the adjoining study.

Removing rotten water damaged subfloor under tub.
Removing rotten water damaged subfloor under tub.

Bathroom Plumbing and Wiring

The plumbing was roughed in next, with vent pipes installed for each drain, hot and cold water lines run, and the shower valve mounted. The wiring for the light fixtures over the vanities, and the six recessed light fixtures and two bath vent fans were also roughed in at this time.

Bath fans vented to the outside are important to reduce both moisture and odor in the bathroom. Bathroom vent fans are rated by the number of cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air they move, with larger bathrooms requiring more powerful fans. Before purchasing a vent fan, use our Bathroom Vent Fan CFM Calculator to make sure the fan you buy is sized correctly for your bathroom.

Roughed in bathroom plumbing water lines and drain pipe.
Roughed in bathroom plumbing water lines and drain pipe.

Bathroom Insulation and Drywall

When the plumbing and wiring was complete, fiberglass insulation was installed in the ceiling and walls to keep heat and cold out and act as soundproofing between the bathroom and the rest of the house.

Next, green moisture resistant drywall was hung on the walls and ceiling, and finished with tape and joint compound.

Bathroom Cabinets and Trim

The bathroom door units, vanities, and trim molding went in next. Cement backer board was installed on the subfloor to provide a stable base for laying the tile floor. Read our article on Installing Tile Over a Wood Subfloor to find out more.

Hanging door in master bathroom renovation.
Hanging door in master bathroom renovation.

The walls were painted yellow and the trim white to provide contrast with the stained wood cabinets. After the painting was complete, the electrician installed all the switches, outlets, and light fixtures.

Bathroom Shower and Closet

A cultured marble drain pan and shower surround with built-in seat was installed, along with granite countertops with drop in sinks for the vanities. Watch our video on How to Install a Cultured Marble Shower Stall to find out more.

Hanging rods were installed in the adjoining walk-in closet to provide plenty of room for hanging clothes and other storage.

Matching vanities in completed master bathroom renovation.
Matching vanities in completed master bathroom renovation.

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