Master Bathroom Renovation Project

Master bathroom renovation project included:

  • Gutting existing bathroom.
  • Repairing water damaged subfloor.
  • Installing new plywood subfloor.
  • Roughing in plumbing and wiring.
  • Installing insulation in walls and ceiling.
  • Sizing and installing bathroom vent fans.
  • Hanging and finishing water resistant drywall.
  • Installing doors, cabinets, and trim molding.
  • Laying cement backer board and tile floor.
  • Painting the walls, ceiling, and trim.
  • Installing cultured marble shower stall.
  • Cutting and installing granite countertops and sinks.
  • Constructing hanging rods in walk-in closet.

Further Information

  • Budget Bathroom Remodel (article/video)


  1. DANNY, I want some under counter electric lights, I guess, for Dded brightness in my kitchen….we have a 2 story and I guess this is the best way to! Of course don’t want to see them under the counter..


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