How to Nail in Corners

When nailing in a tight spot, such as a corner near a wall, it can be hard to hold the nail in place in order to drive it. Here are three simple tips to keep your fingers intact.

  1. Use a pair of needle nosed pliers to hold the nail, position it in place, and give the nail a tap to get it started. Once it’s started, remove the pliers and hammer it in.

  1. A scrap of cardboard also makes a good nail holder. Push the nail through one end of the cardboard, hold it in place, and begin nailing. The cardboard also acts to protect the surrounding wood from dings while nailing. Once the head of the nail is flush with the cardboard, simply pull it off and use a nail set to drive the nail home.

  1. A pencil with a new eraser makes a good nail holder. Cut a slit lengthwise down the center of the eraser with a utility knife. Press the nail into the slit to clamp it in place.

  1. Holding the pencil in one hand, position the nail, and tap it with a hammer. Once the nail is started, remove the pencil and continue nailing.


  1. GREAT ideas! My boyfriend is always amazed when I use a handy trick of yours! Of course, I let him think that I thought of it all by myself – us girls need all the power we can get! Thanks!

  2. This page has the greatest help aids for anyone that’s afraid of hammering their fingers or working with a power drill.
    Thank you


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