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May 26, 2023

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    Orkin is an experienced company offering residential and commercial customers a variety of pest control plans, from general service plans to termite treatments. The company operates local branches across much of the United States and has over 70 years of experience treating a variety of household pests. Keep reading to learn more about Orkin, their available services and how they stack up against some of the best pest control providers in the country.

    Here are a few of our other top rated pest control providers.

    Orkin Pros and Cons


    • Retreats your home at no additional cost if pests return between treatments 
    • Treats over 15 common pests
    • Offers instant online quotes


    • Only offers wildlife management services in select locations
    • Doesn’t offer free inspections for general pest control

    Fast Facts

    What does Orkin Spray For?

    Orkin's coverage protects your home from around 15 pests.

    How Much Does Orkin Cost?

    Orkin's costs about $897.50 annually.

    What is Orkin rated by the BBB?

    Orkin has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    What Pest Control Services Does Orkin Offer?

    Orkin offers a variety of pest control services to suit your home’s needs, including a general pest control plan, termite control, bed bug service and mosquito control service. Each Orkin Pro undergoes 160 hours of training to ensure you receive quality service regardless of which plan you go with. Take a look at each plan in more detail below.

    Orkin’s General Pest Control Plan

    For homeowners looking to stay on top of potential pests in their home, Orkin offers its general pest control plan. This coverage protects your home from around 15 pests, including:

    • Ants
    • Moths
    • Crickets
    • Fleas
    • Hornets
    • Scorpions
    • Silverfish
    • Roaches
    • Mice
    • Spiders
    • Centipedes
    • Earwigs
    • Sowbugs
    • Pillbugs
    • Millipedes

    Orkin’s general pest control service is an annual plan with treatments conducted every 60 days. In addition to the bug protection listed above, general pest control holders can opt to add on free termite inspection or mosquito protection for an additional cost.

    To properly treat any pest issues in your home, the provider follows an efficient six-step treatment plan. Take a detailed look at each step of the process below:

    1. Investigate—Orkin conducts a thorough search of the interior and exterior of your home, identifying any signs of past or present pest activity.
    2. Protect—The provider treats the exterior of your home and cleans any visible signs of pest activity.
    3. Fortify—Orkin seals and covers any cracks, holes or openings in your home, keeping potential pests out.
    4. Keep Watch—Orkin treats the interior of your home while installing monitoring devices to keep watch for new activity.
    5. Report—The provider will write up its active treatment process and talk with you about preventing future infestations.
    6. Follow Up—Orkin will keep contact between scheduled visits and is available for retreatment at no additional cost if necessary.

    Orkin’s Termite Control

    If you suspect any issues with termites in your home, Orkin offers a variety of targeted treatments to help eliminate the pest before it damages your home’s structure and foundation. Take a look at each specialized treatment method below:

    • Termidor Liquid Termite Treatments—An Orkin exterminator will line your home’s foundation, acting as a protective barrier to prevent future termite damage.
    • Dry Foam and Orkinfoam—Termite foam expands to protect large gaps in your home, covering the inside of your walls, heating ducts, water pipes and more.
    • Sentricon Bait and Monitoring—This monitors termite activity while stunting the termite molting process to prevent growing infestations.

    Orkin’s Bed Bug Services

    A bed bug infestation can cause allergic reactions and disrupt a comfortable night’s sleep. To give customers their home back, Orkin offers a three-step bed bug treatment process. This treatment includes a thorough home inspection, bed bug and egg treatment and ongoing monitoring services to ensure an infestation doesn’t return.

    Orkin’s Mosquito Service

    Orkin also offers mosquito treatments for homeowners who see the pests around their yard during the spring, summer and fall. These treatments exterminate existing mosquitoes while preventing current eggs from hatching, protecting you and your family from harmful diseases and irritating bug bites.

    How Much Does Orkin Cost?

    On Orkin’s website, they detail that its services’ price varies depending on a number of factors, including your location, the size of your home, the level of infestation and the treatment methods Orkin uses. Although cost varies from location to location, we received a sample quote during our secret shopping process to help you understand the price of treatment.

    We received a general pest control plan quote for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home near Raleigh, North Carolina. The cost was $219.50 for an initial general pest control service and inspection, followed by a recurring $56.50 per month charge for the services, totalling $897.50 for the year.

    How to Get a Quote from Orkin

    To request a free quote from Orkin, fill out this quick form or call a sales representative at 877-868-1416. If you talk over the phone, an Orkin specialist will ask for the following information:

    • The type of pest infestation in your home
    • Where the infestation is in your home
    • Your preferred payment method
    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    After receiving your quote, you can schedule an in-home inspection, which includes an examination of your basement, crawl space and other problem areas followed by a custom pest report and a list of recommended treatments.

    Orkin Customer Reviews

    Orkin is an owned subsidiary of Rollins, Inc, whose headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Rollins is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where it holds an A+ rating and has over 400 Orkin customer reviews from the site. Here are a few BBB customer reviews from the pest control company’s site.

    ““Great Service, whenever I call and need extra attention they come out and respray. My tech is super friendly and does [a] great job.””

    Dorren A. on 10/26/2021

    ““Excellent service from Orkin [as] always. Efficient and responsive in responding to my needs.””

    Patti S. on 10/15/2021

    “” Very professional and thorough. I felt cared for in the midst of my "pest" situation. I am thankful they are such a trusted resource.””

    Yetta R. via BBB on 7/12/2021

    So, Is Orkin the Best Pest Control Provider for Your Home?

    Orkin helps give customers peace of mind that their home is safe and secure from bugs and other critters through their various pest management plans. The provider has proven itself as an experienced industry leader with a track record of quality customer service. 

    However, it’s important to protect your home with a pest control plan, whether it’s from a trusted company like Terminix, Orkin or Bulwark. No matter which company you choose, it’s important to receive quotes from multiple providers to compare plans and coverage costs.

    FAQ: Orkin Reviews

    What does Orkin do on the first visit?

    After receiving a quote and scheduling an in-person visit, Orkin will come to your home and examine your basement, crawl space and other pest problem areas, create a custom pest report and recommend a treatment plan for your home.

    Who is more expensive: Orkin or Terminix?

    Orkin is more expensive. During our secret shopping process, we received a quote from both providers for the same three-bedroom home in Atlanta. Orkin quoted us a higher price, charging $792.50 for a year of pest control service compared to Terminix, which quoted us $535.

    Does Orkin have a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes. Orkin has a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures the provider will come back at no charge to re-treat your home if you spot pests in between treatments. Additionally, Orkin will refund your last service payment if they’re unable to resolve your issue.

    Is Orkin really effective?

    Yes, Orkin is really effective. The provider offers targeted treatment for a variety of common household pests, such as ants, spiders and cockroaches, while offering specialized services for other pests like termites and bed bugs.

    Methodology: How We Evaluated Orkin Against Our Pest Control Review Criteria

    To aid consumers in finding the best pest control company, our reviews team researched popular regional and national providers, comparing and analyzing their state availability, experience, guarantees and customer service, among other factors:

    • Availability: Providers available in 45 states were awarded the most points, while those in fewer states received lower scores.
    • Experience: Years of business in the pest control industry was an important factor. We gave more points to companies with lengthier histories and awarded fewer points to newer companies.
    • Reputation: To gauge companies’ practices and trustworthiness, we scored companies based on their ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), rewarding more points to companies with a higher BBB rating.
    • Guarantees: The pest control providers were also scored on whether or not they offered money-back, specified time window and other guarantees to protect customers from unsatisfactory treatments and no-shows for service appointments.

    Our team keeps the data points for these criteria updated based on any changes to these pest control companies’ availability, experience, reputation and guarantees. This ongoing effort ensures that we can provide accurate scores and information for homeowners.

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