7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Interior Fabrics

1. Type of Fabric

Every fabric has its own place and appropriate use. It is important to evaluate the different types of fabrics based on their use. Pillows, upholstery and drapes have different needs when it comes to the type of material.

For pillows, the fabric should be soft and tactile while for drapes you need hefty and weighty materials so they hang correctly.

Silk is luxurious but gets damaged easily. It is not suitable for upholstery and spaces with high traffic. However, it can be a good fabric for less frequented and private rooms.

Cotton is versatile and can suit both modern and traditional styles. However, for durability, cotton must be lined with another material, preferably a much stronger one.

Velvet is a great choice for insulating and light-blocking properties.
Polyester is durable, easy to care for, and affordable. On the flipside, it absorbs odors quickly and isn’t good for airflow.

Voile is an ideal choice for sheers because it creates airy ambience while still giving you privacy.

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