Handrails might look simple, but creating ones that incorporates beautiful style with ease-of-installation and enough strength to prevent a fall is harder than it looks. So hard, in fact, that none have really been able to tie all three of these elements together until Promenaid came around. 

Humble Origins

Promenaid was started by an architect named David Reich, after he was diagnosed with a medical condition that limited his mobility, forcing him to search for a handrail company who could quickly install home handrail solutions that were stylish and functional. His search was fruitless, however, and 6 months later after his custom handrails were finally installed, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

After teaming up with his nephew and a friend named Kell Warshaw, the three decided to start Promenaid, the only company on the market selling a high-end, modular handrail that’s easy-to-install, has plenty of style options, and can be used anywhere in the home.

Versatility and Style Define this Company

With 5 different modern finishes and accessories, Promenaid has a look to complement any color scheme or aesthetic layout within a home. Their handrails work in both wet and dry conditions and comply with all standards and building codes, including the ADA. 

Their stair handrail kit can climb stairs, turn corners, and fit into any place in the home you need them to. Some of their finishes include Champagne Silver, Architectural Bronze and Satin Black. They also have wooden finishes available such as Red Oak and Black Walnut. Their triple-plated brackets and fittings are available in Matte Nickel, Antique Brass, and Satin Black.

All of the products that Promenaid offers are made from die-cast zinc to ensure that they can stand up to anything that comes their way. The ADA requirements that require continuous bends and wall returns are easily complied with by Promenaid’s ADA endcaps and adjustable elbows. 

Residents with Promenaid handrails and ADA grab bars can rest easy knowing that they can handle any amount of pressure they might put on them, with each bracket being able to handle up to 500 pounds of weight on it.

The Fastest installation Time You’ll Find

Another thing Promenaid takes pride in is their fast installation times. In fact, an entire installation can be completed in as little as one day, thanks to the design of the handrails themselves. You can cut them yourself with a standard miter saw or have them pre-cut and shipped to your home, where all you have to do is clip them together and screw them in. They align with your wall studs and can even be repositioned at any time.

Promenaid Does Handrails Right

Professional handrails designed to prevent deadly falls are hard to come by. They usually cost a fortune and take forever to install, while potentially clashing with your home’s style. Promenaid has solved all of these problems by creating some of the highest-grade handrails on the market that are a great lowes handrail alternative and can mesh with just about any color or style you have in your home. 

Promenaid handrails aren’t limited to residential use. Promenaid has quickly become the industry leader in hostpital handrails. You can also find their handrails in commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, churches, and multi-family living buildings just to name a few.

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