5 Tips to Update Your Shower on a Budget

modern shower enclosed
Want to update your shower? It’s not as costly as you may think. (DepositPhotos)

Has your shower seen better days? Wondering what you can do with a small budget?
Look no further.

We understand how hard it can be to update your bathroom when you have nothing, as well as the stress that it can cause.

To help you discover new and exciting ways to give your shower the makeover it needs (and deserves), here are five of our top tips for a fresh look.

1. Replace the Grout

shower grout tile
Your shower’s grout can grow dirty and diminish over time. Consider replacing it for a refreshed look. (DepositPhotos)

Over time, grout gets dirty and moldy. While it can be cleaned, it takes a lot of time, and there are plenty of occasions where it is just too far gone. In these situations, it needs to be replaced.
This isn’t a difficult task, and it can leave the shower looking brand new again.
While you’re at it, removing and replacing the sealant is also a good idea for that fresh appearance. Both tasks can also reinforce waterproofing and help prevent damage to your walls.

2. Refresh and Replace the Tiles

replacing grout tile
Replacing your shower’s tiles is a weekend project. (DepositPhotos)

Over time, tiles can become cracked and ugly; even growing mold and mildew if not cleaned regularly. Sometimes, they just fall out of style, and you want to change things up.
Tiles can be pretty budget-friendly depending on where you buy them, but replacing them can really brighten up the shower.
Even if you do half the wall in tile and the other half in paint, it’s a great way to refresh the enclosure.


  1. I have a deck that needs repair. The wood eater bees come back every year. The bee have eaten up my deck. Some of the planter bricks have fallen down
    I would love to retire the master bathroom. I’m afraid to tackle that project


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