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Man with tool belt and superhero shadow.

“Handy Hero” Beach Vacation Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Leslie Brauen of Arcade, New York, for being chosen as the winner of our 2015 Handy Hero Beach Vacation Contest, sponsored by Today’s Homeowner and Quikrete! Read on to find out more.
Cutting board with circular saw.

How to Choose and Use a Circular Saw

If you enjoy tackling DIY woodworking projects and repairs around your home, a circular saw is a must-have tool for your toolbox. Circular saws are powerful, hand-held tools that can easily cut lumber, plywood, MDF, and other materials. Read on to find out how to choose and use a circular saw.
Danny Lipford with Christmas tree.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Find out how to get your home ready for the holidays ahead by sprucing up your bathrooms, installing smart lighting and electrical outlets, and tackling DIY craft projects. Read on to find out more.

Household Innovations

We’re installing a standby generator to prevent power outages, and making this home a little smarter by adding a programmable thermostat as well as smart lights and outlets that can be controlled remotely from a phone.

Energy Efficiency for the Family

Saving energy and lowering your utility bills always makes sense, but it’s especially important for a young family with their first child on the way. See how we replaced the old heating and cooling system with a new energy efficient one.

Finding More Space in Your Home

See how we added an interior wall to turn a seldom used home office into a much needed bedroom complete with a closet for the homeowner’s three boys, while also adding much needed pantry space for the kitchen.
Child holding flower seed pods saved in jar.

How To Save Flower Seeds for Planting Next Year

Saving seeds is an easy and economical way to expand your garden. Here's what you need to know to collect and save flower seeds to grow in your garden next year. Read on to find out more.
Kitchen drawer with dividers.

Tips for Maximizing Kitchen Storage Space

Having an organized kitchen saves you time, prevents unnecessary frustration, and makes cooking and entertaining a breeze. Read on for seven great tips to improve the storage in your kitchen.

Interior Molding Makeover

See how we dressed up the living room of the historic workman’s cottage owned by Patsy and John Switzer, which was built in 1895, by installing crown molding, chair rail, a decorative ceiling medallion, and faux wainscoting.

Battling Moisture and Mold

Homeowners Susan and Tim Fitzhugh have had moisture problems ever since they built their home 15 years ago from leaks in their metal roof and problems with the shower that have causing mold and mildew. Find out how we solved the problems.

Fire Safety Tips and Products for Your Home

Find out how to keep your family safe from the dangers of a house fire, along with some hot new products to help protect your home. Read on to find out more.
Danny Lipford in bedroom with central vacuum system.

Four Home Projects to Let You Breathe Easier This Winter

Find out about four great home improvement projects to increase the ventilation in your home and improve indoor air quality this winter so you can breathe easier.