Chelsea Lipford Wolf's new living room in her mid-century home.
Chelsea’s new living room design fits her taste and complements the rest of her home.

After receiving several upgrades, Chelsea’s mid-century home has a new living room design that fits her style and her family’s needs.

Listen to this special podcast to learn about the projects and find inspiration to give your living room an upgrade!

Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf installing a grid ceiling in Chelsea's home.
A grid ceiling adds a decorative, color-coordinated accent to any room.

Grid Ceiling

A grid ceiling is a feature not seen often in a living room. By adding one to Chelsea’s home, eyes are drawn up and enhance the room’s overall visual appeal.

We used 1×4 boards to create the grid. At the end of the project, there are about nine boxes on Chelsea’s ceiling that are 4×4 feet across. (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this product, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Squares are definitely the way to go with this type of project. We centered the first square around the ceiling fan and worked from that to complete the rest of the boxes.

Built in bookcases in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's living room.
These built-ins add extra storage for all of Chelsea’s husband, Brandon’s, books!

Built-in Bookcases

To build in bookcases, you have to wrap the crown molding around them, for a finished look — which is exactly what we did!

We carefully removed the existing crown molding in Chelsea’s house and reused it to save money. We put it back in place at the end of the project.

Chelsea built these bookcases herself and installed caning on the front of the cabinets — just as she had for her hall bathroom vanity.

The caning comes in a roll and all Chelsea did was glue it onto a piece of plywood and slipped it on the back of the doors she built!

Entertainment center in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's home.
By eliminating the faux fireplace, Chelsea now has an entertainment center for her family to enjoy!

Fireplace Removal

In this space of Chelsea’s living room, there was once a faux fireplace.

The original fireplace was built with fire brick and had a beautiful mantle. However, it looked almost like a Boy Scout project with plastic logs and a battery-powered tea light behind the “logs.”

The fireplace didn’t serve Chelsea’s family any purpose and made the space more cumbersome. Now the TV is at a better viewing height and Chelsea installed an entertainment center for her family to enjoy.

Hardwood floors in Chelsea Lipford Wolf's home.
These beautiful hardwood floors were hiding under the carpet in Chelsea’s home.

Hardwood Floors

After ripping up the carpet, we found beautiful hardwood floors that are in perfect condition!

We don’t know why the previous owners chose to hide these beauties, but the carpet kept the hardwood floors in great shape.

So, all we had to do is remove the tack strip and make the space more ‘Chelsea’!

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