How to Prevent Vise Jaws from Damaging Wood

vise on workbench

I have a new vise for my workbench, but it has sharp metal jaws that can damage wood. Using two pieces of 3/8-inch plywood, I made wood saddles that I can slip over the throat of the device to keep from damaging the workpiece.

Watch the video for details.


  1. Hi Danny & Crew, This is such a great show, I find that your demonstration of how to do household maintenance & repairs is the best thing on TV because you speak to all of us everyday homeowners. I also love Joe Turini’s Simple Solutions & Jodi’s Best New Products segments. I look forward to every weeks show, even the repeats! Thank you for being on! I do have a question. How can I find the show that was on a few years ago where Chelsea created more space in a pantry closet by installing racks made of inverted wire closet shelving? It would be perfect in my pantry closet. Thanks for your help & keep those shoes a coming!!


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