How to Stain Wood Like a Pro | Ep. 52

On this Week’s Podcast:

• What happens when you stain wood and it doesn’t dry? What do you do when the stain gets tacky? We review the steps and procedures to perfectly stain your next project.

Remove a water heater, gain a closet! It’s a smart move but you still need to deal with the old drain hole. Here are a few ways to plug the hole.

• Joe’s Simple Solution: How you can use magazine holders to increase kitchen storage.

Question of the Week:

Marian in Rhode Island writes, “At the big-box stores, one sees air filters for a wide range of prices — $4 to $20 each. 

“I have tried to find out the difference, and it appears the more expensive the filter, the more types of particles get filtered. Is there any other difference that justifies a higher price? 

“Could you also provide some direction on choosing between the disposable vs. a permanent (washable) filter?”

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