Danny Lipford installs PURPLE drywall from National Gypsum inside a garage.

In this special Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re discussing drywall with Matt Gallagher, the Product Manager of Gypsum Systems at National Gypsum Company.

When renovating or building a home, you tend to think about the finished product — what you see once the project is complete. But what’s inside your walls is just as important as the paint color and fixtures. 

So, don’t overlook those all-important foundational elements of your home. 

And remember: Not all drywall is created equal. Different areas of your home require different types of drywall. In this podcast, we’ll break down the best types of drywall for each area of your home.


If you’re looking for extra protection against mold and mildew, consider PURPLE XP® Drywall. This drywall can be used in any room, but it’s especially useful in high-moisture areas like your bathroom and kitchen.

This drywall is specially designed to fight the effects of moisture before any damage can occur.

High-Abuse and High-Impact Gypsum Board

PURPLE XP® Hi-Abuse® Drywall delivers enhanced protection against scratches and scuffs in high-traffic areas.  Designed to last for decades, it’s ideal for hallways and stairwells.

Designed for use in rooms subject to impact from hard objects, such as garages or playrooms, PURPLE XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall features a fiberglass mesh embedded into its core to resist penetrations through the drywall.

SoundBreak XP Wall Board

With more people working from home, PURPLE SoundBreak XP Wall® Board is in demand.

However, this noise-reducing drywall isn’t just for people who need privacy for productivity.  This gypsum board will help reduce noises – such as the washing machine and dryer noise – throughout the rest of the house.

SoundBreak XP Wall Board, along with all PURPLE drywall products, features GridMarX® guide marks on the board to allow for faster and more accurate installation, which saves you time and money.

Best of all, you don’t need to be in the middle of a home renovation to get this sound-reducing technology.

With PURPLE SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board, you can turn a standard wall into a SoundBreak wall without having to remove any panels — it can be installed over an existing wall.

This podcast is sponsored by National Gypsum, the exclusive service provider of the PURPLE family of products manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC.

Visit AskforPURPLE.com for more resources.

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