Wireless Moisture Sensor for Your Lawn or Garden

It’s important to keep you lawn watered during dry weather, but timed sprinkler systems often cut on when watering isn’t needed. The Wireless Moisture Sensor from Vigoro uses a remote sensor to monitor moisture levels in the soil. It then relays the information to the timer to prevent it from cutting on unnecessarily.


  1. You might also look into the SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor put out by Rain Bird. This is the model we use. There are benefits to wireless. But the problem is you have to use a battery. If they are wired, there is no battery and they will always work. No maintenance either. This is why we don’t use wireless ones.
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  2. Is there a system of sensors that can hook into any sprinkler controller so it can activate micro sprays only for the spots. For large lawns this might be a smart move.


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