Storage Solutions for Your Home

Danny Lipford assisting homeowner use nail gun in closet makeover.

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Everyone could use more storage space, so we’ve come up with three easy storage solution projects for your home.

Project #1: Closet Makeover

Older closets with a single shelf and rod make inefficient use of storage space. To makeover a closet to increase the useable storage space:

Retrofit Bypass Closet Doors

Mortising for door hinge.
Mortising for door hinge.

Convert inconvenient bypass closet doors into hinged doors:

  • Trim each door to size.
  • Mark and chisel out mortises for hinges in door edges and jambs.
  • Attach door stops to door jambs.
  • Hang doors on hinges.
  • Install catches and knobs or handles on doors.

Closet Shelves and Rods

To install new shelves and rods in closet:

Painting closet shelves.
Painting closet shelves.
  • Remove existing shelf and clothes rod.
  • Paint closet walls.
  • Locate studs and attach shelf cleats to walls.
  • Attach closet rod supports to studs.
  • Cut and install shelves.
  • Install hanging rods.
  • Add hooks to inside of door.
  • Install mirror on inside of door.
  • Putty, caulk, and paint shelving.

Project #2: Attic Storage

Attics can provide space for storage, but it’s important to elevate any floored areas to allow space for insulation so you don’t sacrifice energy efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Build a frame on top of the existing ceiling joists from 2×4 lumber.
  • Fill the spaces between the framing with insulation.
  • Attached plywood to the top of the framework.

Watch video on How to Build a Raised Storage Area in Your Attic

Storage shed

Project #3: Storage Shed Addition

Adding a storage shed to your yard is a great way to increase storage space. Storage buildings are available as:

  • Ready to assemble kits
  • Preassembled buildings
  • Prefabricated custom sheds
  • Sheds built on-site

To expand the size of an existing storage shed, build an addition on the side. Here’s how to go about it:

    • Construct framing for the floor from pressure treated 2×6 lumber.
    • Set the floor framing on a concrete block foundation.
    • Secure the flooring framing to the shed wall with lag bolts.
    • Attach a treated plywood floor to the floor framing.
Storage shed addition.
Storage shed addition.
  • Construct walls for the addition from 2×4 lumber.
  • Cut and attach 2×4 rafters to a ledger board.
  • Secure the ledger board and rafters to the shed wall.
  • Attach roof sheathing to the rafters.
  • Slide metal flashing under the shed roof and over the addition roof.
  • Install siding on the shed addition walls.
  • Add trim boards to the eaves of the shed addition.
  • Apply roofing to the shed addition roof.
  • Construct a door from plywood with 1×4 reinforcement.
  • Build a ramp to allow easy access to the shed.

Watch video on DIY Outdoor Shed Addition

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