Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring is a great time to clean your house to get ready for the warm weather ahead. When cleaning your house in spring, be sure to tackle:

  • Ceiling Fans: The blades on paddle ceiling fans can accumulate lots of dust, so be sure to clean them both top and bottom with a damp rag and cleaner. Also, vacuum out any dirt and dust around the fan motor.
  • Windows: Start by removing and cleaning your window screens using a hose with sprayer or by washing them in a kiddy pool. Next, wipe down windowsills and clean the glass inside and out.
  • Decks & Patios: Use a pressure washer or scrub brush with handle to remove dirt, mold, and mildew from decks and patios.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: If you’re like me, then you’re mighty tired of being cooped up inside during the winter months. The weather is warmer now, and it’s time to get out of the house. But before you make that mad dash for the great outdoors, here are a few spring cleaning tips.

Inside, take a good look at all of your ceiling fans. You’ll be using them a lot more now, and chances are the fan blades have a coating of dust and dirt on them. Thoroughly clean all the blades, top and bottom, with a damp rag and cleaner. It may be good idea to vacuum any excess dirt and dust around the fan motor.

Next, it’s time to tackle the windows, since you’ll want to be able to open up them up a little bit, and let that warm spring air in. But first, remove and clean all of your screens. Then clean the glass inside and out, and don’t forget to wipe down those windowsills. Now it’s time to move outside.

You’ll want to spend a lot of time out here on your patio or deck, but after a season of rain and snow, it’s probably not in the best shape. Now you may notice that the concrete’s a little bit darker because of all of the embedded dirt, mold, and mildew. Usually a good rinse with a pressure washer is all you need. For really tough areas, you may have to break out the scrub brush and a cleaning solution to remove all of the grime. The same routine will work perfect for your deck.

Now as far as the rest of the cleaning chores . . . well, maybe next spring.


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