Looking Back at Best New Products on Today’s Homeowner

The Best New Products segment of Today’s Homeowner has been a popular feature of the show since the very beginning. Over the years it has exposed viewers to hundreds of cool new tools, building materials, and other products for the home.

I hosted the segment for a number of years until Emily Barta took over for a season. She was followed by Jodi Marks, our current host.

Jodi’s spunky, can-do attitude has really brought a lot of energy to the show. Watch this video to see how Best New Product has evolved over the years, as well as some amusing behind the scenes clips.


  1. On todays show (9/24/11 in the other Washington) they trashed the super tape product. I did NOT buy my tape on line but at a Sportsman’s show. It works great. I keep a roll in each vehicle and the boat. Want a demonstration? I taped a hole in a hose 1 1/2 years ago and it is still holding despite being badly sbused. Please check this product again and give it an honest test. Thanks, Dick in Olympia, WA.


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