19 Sage Green House With Black Trim Ideas You Will Love

Few colors are more soothing, natural, and easy to coordinate than sage green. It can simultaneously highlight natural tones of the landscape while providing a colorful touch to the exterior of the home, making it a popular siding color choice.

Source: jameshardie.com

One of the best ways to compliment this soft green hue is to pair it with contrasting black trim. This provides visual interest and dimension, adding curb appeal and elevating a home’s aesthetic. So here are 19 sage green with black trim ideas to inspire your color selection.

1. Sage Green House With Black Shutters

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Depending on how many windows show from the road, sutters can potentially cover a large portion of your home’s exterior, making the color choice of the shutters an essential component of a cohesive color scheme. Black shutters against sage green siding offers a large contrast area, heightening the craftsmanship of ample shutter space.

2. Sage Green House With Black Window Trim

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If your home’s exterior either doesn’t have space for shutters or if the windows are too large for shutters to make sense, you can still bring this contrasting black tone against sage siding using black window trim. You can paint your window casings and panes black, or if it’s time for a new window replacement this is the perfect opportunity to add prefabricated darker elements to an otherwise soft exterior color palette.

2. Sage Green House With Only One Black Band Board


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Band board is an exterior element used to break up portions of the home’s siding, sectioning off areas of the siding visually. It also serves as a barrier between the foundation and sill plate, so everyone needs one, and choosing a black band board on a sage green house adds an instant masculine touch of contrast to your exterior.

4. Sage Green House With Black Brackets

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Many exterior trims can or have been structural elements, but are often used for purely aesthetic purposes to add character to the facade. Brackets, once a necessary feature on large overhangs before advances in architectural design made them largely unneeded, are often utilized for visual impact.

Choosing black brackets on a sage home, especially if there are other coordinating black elements, is a great way to add impact to your curb appeal.

5. Sage Green House With Black Fascia 

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While the aforementioned brackets are commonly used for pure aesthetics, every home requires fascia. While an overwhelming majority of homeowners choose white fascia, black fascia can add an unexpected dark aspect to your home’s exterior. Choose black fascia with sage green siding if you’d like to draw on a masculine vibe for your facade.

6. Sage Green House With Black Columns

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When choosing which exterior trim to paint black, consider the columns. While columns are typically white or stained brown, black has the potential to draw an elegance into your curb appeal. The juxtaposition between a classic element, like columns, and a dark color, like black, can create a truly unique facade.

7. Sage Green House With Black Corner Bords

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Corner boards hide the seams between two walls of siding. Many people choose a color that matches the siding (i.e. sage corner boards on sage siding), but choosing a contrasting black corner board on sage siding, especially if you have other black trim elements, is a great way to add visual interest to your exterior.

8. Brick and Sage Green House With Black and White Window Trims

Source: CertaPro.com

Many of these examples incorporate black trim on a fully sage green exterior, but there are many ways to break up the monotony of your home’s facade. A soft, warm brown brick compliments sage green siding, and adding black trim elements like window casings, doors, and downspouts adds contrast to complementary tones.

9. Sage Green House With Black Frieze Board

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Frieze board is another exterior trim element that’s often overlooked in color scheming. Every home has frieze board, as it joins soffit and siding, creating a waterproof barrier over the seam between the two. Most people default to white or off-white frieze board, but with sage siding black frieze board can be a way to add an elevated je ne sais quoi.

10. Sage Green House With Black Glass Door Frame

Source: pursuitdecor.com

When strategically choosing places to add black touches to a sage green exterior, don’t neglect your exterior doors. While many choose a brown stained wood against sage green, black doors can be an edgy, yet understated, alternative. Plus, black opens your material selection up to include options that can’t be stained, like metal.

11. Sage Green House With Black Gutters

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Gutters wrap around the entire roofline and downspouts extend all the way to the ground in key corners of the home, so utilizing black colored ones provides an instant sleek accessory to the entire home. They’re a necessity to the home, and choosing black adds exactly $0 to the final cost of your aesthetic.

12. Sage Green House With Black Cottage Designs

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Old cottage style homes are known for having more decorative trim on them than modern homes. This harkens back to the days that passersby traveled on foot or by horse, moving much slower than modern cars. This meant people had more time to observe the curb appeal of homes. So if you have an older cottage style home, you have limitless trim you can use to add black accents to a sage colored house.

13. Green Sage Farm House With Black Trims

Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

In stark contrast to older, more decorative homes, farmhouse style homes have simple, albeit substantial, trim. While there might seem to be less opportunity for black accent in these homes, the typical girth of the trim in these homes offers a surprising opportunity to add dimension by selecting black trim for various components.

14. Green Sage Bungalow House With Black Trims

Source: design-ties.blogspot.com

Bungalow homes, typically single story, smaller homes, benefit from the added dimension of black trim on a sage exterior. Because there are typically fewer gables, pediments, and architectural dimensions, adding black trim against a sage siding can create much needed visual impact to these homes.

15. Green Sage House With Fluted Window Casing

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When choosing black trim on a sage exterior, don’t just focus on placement, but also on texture. Because black can tend to absorb light and appear dark and shadowy, adding texture like fluting to black exterior trim around windows, doors, and other elements of the home can help bring life back into the facade.

16. Charming Green Sage House With Black Trim 

Source: provia.com

Black trim on a soft sage exterior can often come across as mysterious, masculine, or edgy. But there are subtle ways to use black trim on sage siding to bring a certain charm to the home, rather than a masculine sense of mystery. Using plenty of landscaping, soft accent colors like natural stone and cream, and choosing the placement of dark colors carefully can maintain a charming energy around the exterior.

17. Contemporary Green Sage House With Black Trim

Source: architecturesstyle.com

Black trim is a great way to add a contemporary sense to a sage home. Choosing minimal design and sleek black trim can harness this contemporary look effortlessly. You can see in this image that the trim is placed with clean lines, and much of it is painted sage like the siding. Black is used strategically to add dimension without embracing maximalism.

18. Modern Green Sage House With Black Trim

Source: pursuitdecor.com

Black is almost a default trim color on modern homes, but it pairs especially well with sage. Because sage is tone that occurs naturally in landscapes, it has a knack for softening an otherwise edgy, masculine style of architecture without coming across as too bold. The sleek lines of the architecture and black trim contrasts the warm, soft color of sage beautifully.

19. Mountain Green Sage House With Black Trim

Source: acmdesignarchitects.com

A sage mountain home with black trim coordinates best with a mountain view. The rolling tree covered mountains cast black shadows on themselves, highlighting the sage tones of the different types of trees they house. So choosing these same tones – sage siding with black trim – allows the home to become part of the view itself.