Installing Water Filters in Your Home

Americans spend almost $16 billion a year for bottled water, much of which is simply reprocessed tap water. You can save money, have healthier drinking water, and help the environment by installing a drinking water filter in your home. Water filters are available that stand alone on your kitchen sink, attach to a faucet, or filter water in a pitcher. For more information, check out our article on Water Filters for Your Home.


If I could go back in time to make a single investment, knowing what I know now…I’d go straight for the mother lode…bottled water. Last year alone, Americans spent nearly sixteen BILLION dollars for bottled water. But it may interest you to know that you may not be drinking the pure, glacial water you think you are. Sometimes, it’s just bottled tap water. A smart investment is in a good quality water filter. Most of them are easy to install, especially if it’s for a single source, like the kitchen sink. Some even install directly to your faucet, and, in many cases, you can have water as good as, if not better than a bottled brand. Plus, you’ll only be paying pennies per gallon. You’ll also be cutting down on the carbon footprint of bottled water, which includes transportation to the stores and the discarded plastic bottles.


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