Industrial Home Gets Curb Appeal Makeover

Curb appeal makeover, after

Greg DeLuca and Morgan Hastings share a 50-year-old brick home with their dog, Ringo. They rented it for three years and thought it had potential, so they bought it from their landlord.

They want to do something about the red brick exterior, industrial carport, brick planter and overgrown landscaping, and they’re ready for a curb appeal makeover.

Some of the projects we cover in this episode include:
• Tear Down the Carport
• Remove Extra Columns and Brick Planter
• Paint the Bricks
• Paint Porch Ceiling and Floor
• Add Faux Vent
Paint Front Door
Stain Shutters
• Install New Light Fixture
• Replace Landscaping

Check out the ‘Industrial Home Gets Curb Appeal Makeover’ episode article for more information and links to the products we used on this project!


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