How to Replace an Entry Door Threshold

An entry door threshold can become damaged or worn over time. If the only problem is that the rubber seal no longer provides a tight seal on the door, you may be able to replace the rubber seal, rather than replacing the entire threshold.

Replacing an Entry Door Threshold

Remove Old Threshold: Remove the rubber strip on the existing entry door threshold, unscrew the screws holding the threshold in place, and remove the old threshold.

Cut New Threshold to Size: Remove the rubber seal from the top of the new threshold, and cut the threshold to fit with a hacksaw using the old threshold as a pattern.

Fit Threshold to Door: Trial fit the threshold to make sure it provides a snug fit against the bottom of the door. If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the door or slightly shim the threshold.

Attach New Threshold to Floor: Screw the new threshold to the floor. If the floor is concrete, use a carbide tipped masonry bit to drill holes for either masonry screws or plastic anchors.

Install Rubber Seal: Cut the rubber seal to length with a utility knife, and insert it into the grooves in the threshold.

Check Threshold Fit: Close the door and check to make sure the threshold fits snugly against the bottom of the door.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Replacing a door threshold may be necessary because the old one is worn or simply not doing its job. A good replacement unit will have rubber seals on both the top and bottom to prevent moisture and air from moving over or under it.

Most models require you to remove the top seal before you cut the unit to fit the exact width of your doorway. This job can be done with a hacksaw.

If you are installing the threshold on concrete, as we are here, you’ll need a masonry drill bit and masonry screws to secure it in place. Otherwise, galvanized or coated screws will work.

Once the metal threshold is in place, the top rubber seal is threaded back into the channel and you’ve got a brand new seal for the door.