How to Protect Electronic Devices in the Workshop

Electronic devices – such as smartphones, tablet computers, and calculators – are great tools to have in the workshop, but they need to be protected from glue and dust. The easiest way to do that is to seal the device up in a plastic storage bag. This keeps the dust out while still allowing you to use the touch screen or keys through the plastic.

To make them even easier to use, you can attach binder clips to the bag, then hang it near your workbench. Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: More and more homeowners are using the Internet to search for plans and instructions on home improvement projects. What that means is electronics are coming into the workshop, where they’re going to be exposed to dust and dirt. Now, most of these have a touch screen. And so if you have glue or dirt on your hands of course, you’re getting it on the electronics. And that’s not good.

So one solution is to get a large Ziploc bag, such as this. This is a one-gallon size. And you slip the iPad right in, and you zip it tight. You’ll keep out all dust and dirt. But the really cool thing is, even though it’s in the plastic bag, you can still manipulate it. So you can search. In this case we’re looking at these “how to” photographs at You’re very welcome, Danny.

Now, if you have a smartphone the same idea will work, you just need a smaller bag. Zip it tight and here’s another additional tip, you put on a couple of binder clips. Clip them right onto the top of the bag. What that allows you to do is to hang the phone right over your workspace. And again, you can still manipulate it right through the plastic bag.


  1. Good question, Amy Jo, but I don’t think there’s any concern about heat buildup, only because the device isn’t usually on for very long. I wouldn’t recommend watching a feature-length movie with the device in the bag, but 5 to 10 minutes shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for writing and good luck!–Joe T.


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