How to Make a Poured Concrete Cap for a Wing Wall

To allow our new construction to blend with the original 1926 Kuppersmith Project house, we reproduced architectural details on the existing home on our new addition.

Our brick masons constructed a wing wall on the corner of our addition to match the existing home. To finish off the top of the wing wall, we made a poured a cast stone concrete cap. Here’s how we went about it:

  • Trace the outline of the cast stone cap on the original house.
  • Construct a form from plywood to match the existing cap.
  • Mix up and pour concrete into the form.
  • Smooth the top of the concrete with a trowel.
  • Allow the concrete to set.
  • Remove the cast concrete cap from the form.
  • Attach the concrete cap to the wing wall using construction adhesive.

Watch this video to find out more.

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