How to Make a Homemade Sponge Sander

A sponge sander is perfect for sanding molding since it conforms to the surface you’re sanding. While you can buy a sponge sander at a hardware store, it’s easy to make your own by:

  1. Cutting a piece of sandpaper to size.
  2. Wrapping it around a kitchen sponge.
  3. Hold it with your thumb and fingers while sanding the surface.

Not only is a homemade sponge sander less expensive, it allows you to change grits and replace the sandpaper as needed.


  1. My home came with a 50-year-old composite bathroom sink that is deeply scratched at the bottom of the bowl, with automotive grease stains! Can’t afford to replace it, but read that I can do a ton of sanding, coarse to very fine grit. Won’t try to make it perfect, just sand past the black grease that bleach won’t remove. I’ve looked at all the sanding devices, but I think just wrapping sandpaper around a sponge, like you show, will allow me to change my hand and finger position to avoid some of the fatigue. And, it will be affordable.


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