What Type of Paint to Use on Treated Plywood

I recently completed an outbuilding using treated plywood for siding. The wood appears to be dry. Would you recommend an oil or latex based primer? -Alan

Hi Alan,

I would use an oil based exterior primer (not the quick drying type, but a regular primer), followed by two coats of a high quality exterior latex paint. It’s also a good idea to add M-1 Mildewcide additive to your paint and primer if you live in an area subject to problems with mildew.

Good luck with your project,



  1. I think Danny’s recommendation to be correct. Knowing his reasoning would have benefited. I believe it to be that copper is used in the treatment process and requires an oil-based primer to prevent its bleeding a green color through the paint

  2. I am going to repaint an 1857 24’X24 ‘ metal ceiling in an old school house. Im currently cleaning it. It is cirrently painted white. There are a few small rust spots. Im thinking of painting it different colors to accentuate its beautiful pattern. What kind and brand should i use? I planned on using a brush/roller. Can i buy enamal metalic paint for a gold trim?

    Please advise thank you!


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