DIY Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions


Here are several tips to improve the storage space in your kitchen pantry for canned goods, rolls of sheet goods, and recycled plastic bags.

DIY pantry storage tips:

  • Canned Goods Storage Rack: To maximize the storage space for canned goods, install wire shelving upside down and slanted down toward the front. Place cans on their side on the shelf, so they roll to the front when removed.
  • Storing Rolls of Sheet Goods: To store rolls of sheet goods, such as plastic wrap and aluminum foil, punch in the perforated tabs on the ends of the box, and hang the rolls on the inside of the pantry door with self-adhesive hooks.
  • Recycled Plastic Bag Storage: To keep plastic grocery store bags neat and ready for reuse or recycling, attach a plastic bag storage container, such as the one made by SimpleHuman (model# KT1166), to the inside of the pantry door.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Maximizing the storage space available in a pantry is always important, and creating a solution for canned storage is a great start.

Wire shelving cut to the width of the pantry can be installed upside down using standard brackets for a fabulous fix. Install the brackets so the shelf rests at an angle, allowing new cans to roll down as others are removed. Access is easy and space is minimized.

Rolled goods, like cellophane and aluminum foil, can be hung on the inside of the pantry door for easy access. Simply punch in the perforated tabs on the ends of the box that hold the roll in place, and hang it from self adhesive hooks.

The back of the door is also a great place to store recycled shopping bags.


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