Check Out Our Impressive Garage Addition on the Kuppersmith Project House

We’re in the process of adding a large 24′ x 34′ garage to the Kuppersmith Project house with a second story above it. There will be plenty of room for two cars, and all the extras we’re adding to create a family-friendly garage.

Under the stairs we’ll have an air compressor, along with a shelf for brake fluid and other automotive needs. We’ll also have a small workshop for household repairs and projects.

All of the garage will be decked out with some really cool accessories from Gladiator GarageWorks that allow you to make efficient use every square inch of storage space in your garage. There will be fixtures for hanging bikes and sports equipment, as well as racks for tools like shovels and rakes. In addition we’re adding all kinds of overhead storage.

So check back to see our progress and find out how Gladiator GarageWorks products can help you with your garage.


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