Advantages of Steel Deck Framing

Trex Elevations steel deck framing:

  • Won’t rot or warp like wood framing.
  • Includes step-by-step instructions to make it easy for homeowners to install.

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Further Information

Allen Lyle: So, Shawn, let’s be honest about this. I first saw this and I thought, it’s about time. Because how many decks have you and I put together? Like not together, together, but . . . .

Shawn Vernon: No, I got you. Yeah, yeah.

Allen Lyle: So we’re putting this nice composite wood on wood framing.

Shawn Vernon: Yes. It’s about time.

Allen Lyle: Tell me about this.

Shawn Vernon: We are so excited for this. It’s not just a component. It’s an actual system. I mean, it’s developed by three components, but it’s a complete system. So, whether you’re building a 10 by 10 deck or it’s a 3,000 square-foot multi-tier, you know, project you can build with it and simply with using just these three products.

Allen Lyle: Shawn, is it just for builders? Can homeowners do it?

Shawn Vernon: That’s what wonderful. We find that homeowners work with the product and they like it, and it’s very easy to work with. We also have a manual that walks through kind of step-by-step what you need through the process. From digging holes all the way to fastening the decking down. So, just by using the manual they get through the product, no problem.


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