5 Tips for Gardening with Arthritis and Joint Pain

When you have arthritis, it’s best to sit while gardening. (DepositPhotos)

3. Don’t Bend or Stoop

Try to work only at your waist level. If you have to bend down or stoop, you’re going to exacerbate the pain in your back.

Instead of stooping, try pulling a chair or bench over to the area in which you’re working. You can sit and work without straining your back. The goal is to avoid squatting and bending low.

If you have to get on your knees, you might want to think about buying knee pads. As you age, the skin becomes thinner and too much pressure in one area can cause the skin to bruise. Knee pads can protect your skin and your joints by offering a cushioned area to rest against.

Essential oils
Some essential oils can help relieve the inflammation that joint pain causes. (DepositPhotos)

4. Use Essential Oils

Those who love to use natural means to help their joint pain might want to consider using essential oils.

There are a few oils like ginger, turmeric, peppermint, rosemary and others that are designed to relieve the inflammation that joint pain causes.

To use essential oils effectively, you should apply them to the areas where you receive joint pain both before and after you work in the garden. This helps stave off inflammation and then helps keep it from building after the activity is finished.

5. Listen to Your Body

You have to be responsible for your body. The moment it starts to feel achy, you should consider resting.

Listen to your body, stay hydrated and well-rested; this will help you become stronger and protect your body from additional joint pain.


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