Georgia Townhouse Gets a Basement Makeover

Each spring we hold a contest called, “Win Danny and his Crew,” which lets us meet some great homeowners and help them improve their homes.
This year’s winner is no exception. Martine Swain owns a townhouse in Marietta, Georgia, which she shares with Kent Caseman and her son, Justin. Martine sent us a video to help plan a basement makeover.


The Projects


Waterproof two block walls 

Our crew includes our handyman, Bear; John, a great drywall finisher; and Gary, a painter. In no time they have the space cleared and begin applying masonry waterproofer.
It dries fast, so we’ll be able to install the drywall the next day.

Install Drywall  

After waterproofing, we add pressure-treated 1-by-4’s and secure foam layers between them for some insulation and to protect against moisture.
The purple drywall we use looks different because it is. Purple XP is a high-performance drywall made by National Gypsum. In addition to the advantages of traditional moisture-resistant drywall, it offers mold and mildew resistance, and it’s naturally fire resistant and it’s Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. So, it’s ideal for this basement.

Build Shelving Unit

Martine’s storage bins are all stacked on top of each other, and that’s not efficient because she has to move other bins around just to get to the one that she needs. So, we’re building a shelving unit to store each bin.


  1. Hi, I’ve been watching your show for many years. I recently moved to Redding, CA. On which TV Channel(s) are your Shows broadcasted? I don’t have Cable, I only have Local TV Channels.

    Thank you,
    Jeanne Dalton

    • Hi, Jeanne,
      Congratulations on the move!
      Here’s when our show airs in Redding, California:
      KCVU (ABC)
      Sat 6:00 AM
      Thanks for watching!


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