Advantages of Solar Power for Your Home

Solar power can be used to provide electricity for air conditioning, lighting, and appliances in your home. In addition to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, like coal and oil, installing solar power may be eligible for federal tax credits as well as state and utility company incentives.

This tip is brought to you by Lennox: innovation never felt so good

Further Information

Allen Lyle: One really cool thing about today’s technology is that it makes yesterday’s methods more viable. A good example is solar power. I mean, let’s face it. Long before man discovered fire, his heat source was the sun. Today we’re able to easily and conveniently harness the sun’s power for all kinds of things, including home appliances.

But are they worth it? Well, in my opinion, you bet they are. I mean, it’s free energy! You capture sunlight and convert it to usable power for your home. Today we can both heat and cool our home with solar power, and it has virtually no environmental footprint.

I mean when you consider the fact that resources like oil, coal, gasoline are becoming more scarce; having an infinitely renewable resource like sunlight just makes sense. Plus, we know the sun has been burning for eons and will likely continue for countless millennia more!

And here’s a budget-friendly thought. On certain select solar appliances, you can gain federal tax credits. Plus, you can possibly get additional incentives from your utility company.

And one more thing to think about, look at the names getting behind solar energy. When you’ve got a trusted name like Lennox incorporating solar power into their products, well you can be assured that solar energy’s future is bright indeed.

This tip is brought to you by Lennox: innovation never felt so good


  1. Thanks for your recommendation that solar power is worth it, and you can also get tax credits for owning them. My husband and I just purchased our new home. We want to be more environmentally friendly, so maybe we will have solar panels installed.

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