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May 9, 2023

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    Solar power sales and installation has become a booming industry in the United States over the past several years. But because there are so many new companies entering the solar installation space, it can be hard to know which ones to use. At Today’s Homeowner, we are conducting reviews of solar panel sellers and installers to help homeowners know where to buy solar panels and what kind of services to expect for their money.

    Freedom Forever is a relatively new solar company that has emerged as a major competitor in the industry. It prides itself on selling and installing solar panels in 25 states across the U.S. while maintaining unparalleled customer service. Keep reading to find out how much Freedom Forever’s services cost, what financing options they offer, and what customers think of their services.

    Our Freedom Forever Review

    At Today’s Homeowner, we highly value Freedom Forever’s innovative approach to solar panel sales and installation. By overseeing a wide service area and a high volume of installations, Freedom Forever has managed to build a very successful business. While we worry that Freedom Forever suffers from a few complications related to customer service and unreliable partnerships, we feel as though these factors should not dramatically ruin its reputation. As well, the number of services provided by Freedom Forever is somewhat limited in scope.

    Of course, a customer’s experience with Freedom Forever may depend heavily on the service representative that helps them purchase a solar energy system and the team that carries out the installation. Nonetheless, after considering the company’s overall effectiveness, its reasonably priced services, and the geographical breadth of its provision of services, we can recommend using Freedom Forever as your solar panel provider. Today’s Homeowner gives Freedom Forever a 3.5/5 review.

    Freedom Forever Company Profile

    Freedom Forever was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing people with affordable and cleaner options to meet their energy needs. As a company, Freedom Forever’s mission is to “brighten the world with solar energy today, tomorrow, and forever.” Since its operations launched, Freedom Forever has focused on residential solar installation and maintains a nearly unmatched 5-star level of customer service.

    As a solar energy system vendor, Freedom Forever likes to keep its operations simple and divided into just three steps: solar panel installation, backup battery installation, and solar financing. Its model is very straightforward and allows the company to concentrate on efficiently installing solar panels and batteries. However, the installations themselves are undertaken by regional authorized partner companies.

    Freedom Forever Summary
    Company nameFreedom ForeverLLC
    Year founded2011
    HeadquartersTemecula, Ca 92590
    ServicesSolar panel and battery installation
    CertificationsNorth American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
    # of Employees1,700
    BBB rating:A+ with accreditation
    Our Rating:3.5/5
    Average Cost:$2.94 per watt

    Pros & Cons of Freedom Forever


    • Fast installation process
    • Extensive Service Area
    • Helpful production guarantee
    • Variety of financing options


    • Some customer service problems
    • Few services provided

    Solar Services & Cost

    ServicesAverage Cost
    Solar Panel Installation$2.94 per watt nationally (varies by region)
    Battery Installation$7,000-$14,000

    How Much Does Freedom Forever cost?

    It is often quite challenging to assess the average cost of a solar system from specific providers because pricing can vary dramatically depending on your state, your roof, and your electric bills and utility bills. Because Freedom Forever is a relatively new company, Today’s Homeowner would expect this company’s solar pricing to be very competitive. To accurately assess the price of Freedom Forever, customers should ask for a quote on its website. As well, customers should seek quotes from competing solar companies to see whether they are getting sufficient value from their investments.

    On average, solar panels cost $2.94 per watt across the United States and battery installation costs between $7,000 and $14,000. These prices may not accurately reflect the cost of Freedom Forever’s services in specific parts of the country.


    Freedom Forever does not offer particular product warranties, but it does guarantee that your system will continue to work effectively and as advertised for 25 years. The 25-Year Production Guarantee ensures that Freedom Forever will fix your system or reimburse you for any lost savings in the event that your solar energy system encounters any problems and fails to perform according to the standards set by the company.

    Customers should note, however, that Freedom Forever outsources its labor to local installation crews, which means that workmanship is not covered by the 25-year production. As a result, if poor workmanship leads to damages to your roof, home, or other equipment, you will have to negotiate a settlement with the third-party installer instead of your Freedom Forever salesperson.

    Financing Plans & Options

    Financing PlanSummary
    Cash PurchasesTo ensure the maximum long-term value of your solar energy system, you can purchase the solar system outright. By doing so, you reduce loan fees and interest, allow for a quicker payback period, and become eligible for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Homeowners who purchase their solar panels outright will ultimately see the largest return on their investment.
    Solar LeaseFreedom Forever offers customers the chance to take on a solar lease. This is essentially a solar panel rental service. By leasing their solar energy system, customers make fixed monthly payments to Freedom Forever. While the cost of leases averages close to 20% less than you normally pay for grid-supplied electricity, you miss out on the numerous benefits associated with ownership, like the Federal Solar Tax Credit, a variety of government-issued rebates, and an increase in your property value.
    Home Solar LoanIf you require a loan to finance the purchase of a solar energy system, Freedom Forever partners with third-party loan companies that can help you with your financing needs. By taking out a loan to finance your purchase, you will still be able to enjoy the benefits that come with solar energy system ownership. However, solar loans vary in their interest rates, down payment amount, and length.
    Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)Purchase Power Agreements operate in a similar manner to solar leases. You will still make monthly payments, but instead of renting the solar energy system, you pay a fixed monthly rate for the electricity your system produces.

    In-House or Contracted Installations

    Freedom Forever contracts out its installation of solar panels and battery storage systems. Its website does not list all of the company’s local contractors, but you can find more information by asking for a quote on the Freedom Forever website.

    What Solar Panels Does Freedom Forever Use?

    Solar Panels sold by Freedom Foreverare produced in-house. These panels offer a sleek, modern look with slim dimensions and a triple black design. They are compatible with all climates, which means they continue to perform in low temperatures, rain and snow storms, and weak light environments.

    In regard to batteries, Freedom Forever installs LG Chem Cell batteries and Tesla Powerwalls.


    Freedom Forever maintains a range of partnerships with local contractors that will install solar panels and batteries in your home. The company also has partnerships with a number of financing companies to help you pay the cost of your purchases. Freedom Forever does not list its specific partnerships on its website, so you will have to inquire for more information.

    Service Area & Availability

    Homeowners looking to buy solar panels from Freedom Forever will be happy to learn that this company operates in 25 states across the United States. The fact that Freedom Forever operates across such an expansive territory is one of its best attributes. You can request a quote anytime and have Freedom Forever serve you in any of the following states:

    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Idaho
    • Illinois
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Nevada
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New Mexico
    • North Carolina
    • Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
    • Rhode Island
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Virginia
    • Wisconsin

    Interested in solar energy but not sure where to start?

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    Freedom Forever Reviews From Actual Customers

    Assessing actual customer reviews is a very important process of reviewing a company’s services. While customers may sometimes leave somewhat exaggerated reviews, these reviews can serve as a useful barometer to determine whether or not people generally like a company.

    For Freedom Forever, customers mostly gave positive reviews while noting the quick and effective installation process offered by the company. However, there are some more negative reviews that note Freedom Forever’s struggles with customer support and complications involving its partner companies. Have a look for yourself to see what people think about Freedom Forever on Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    “Freedom Foreverdid everything according to what was agreed from the beginning to the end of our solar project. We are pleased with the results.”

    Marco C.  5/5

    “Immensely pleased with the entire process! A clean and simple job, all done as agreed. This is not my first solar experience so I knew what to look for. Install time was reasonable, considering my HOA takes a month to respond to any request. We got a free Vivant alarm system & a little cash back after install. Highly recommend.” 

    Jen Y. 5/5

    “They installed solar on my house but in the process dropped some Conduit on the neighbors house and tore the screen. After two months of constant calls they made an appointment. To fix it but never showed up. I seen many complaint by others so they have the worst customer service I have ever seen. The repair has never been made.”

    David D. 2/5

    Bottom Line: Is Freedom Forever a good company?

    Freedom Forever oversees a wide service area and a high volume of installations, making it one of the most successful young solar companies on the market. Indeed, Freedom Forever has managed to build a very successful business, and while we worry that Freedom Forever suffers from a few complications related to customer service and unreliable partnerships, we think these issues should not tarnish its reputation.

    Overall, with an eye to the company’s effectiveness, its reasonably priced services, and its ability to service much of the United States, we recommend using them as your solar panel provider.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Freedom Forever

    How long has Freedom Forever been in business?

    Freedom Forever is a relatively new company that has only been in business since 2011.

    Where is the Freedom Forever headquarters?

    The headquarters of Freedom Forever is located in Temecula, California.

    What inverter does Freedom Forever use?

    Freedom Forever most often uses Solaredge inverters. These inverters are components of a solar energy system that converts the power generated by solar panels into power that you can use in your home or on the electrical grid.

    Who owns Freedom Forever?

    Brett Bouchy is the CEO of Freedom Forever. He started the company in 2011 and has watched it capture more and more market share in the solar energy space.

    Does Freedom Forever offer financing options?

    Yes, you can access a variety of financing options provided by third-party partners of Freedom Forever. These options include solar leases, home solar loans, and purchase power agreements (PPA).

    Can I lease my solar panels from Freedom Forever?

    Yes, through its third-party partners, Freedom Forever offers solar leases. These represent a great and cheaper way of acquiring solar panels.

    Is Freedom Forever a good company?

    Yes, we recommend using Freedom Foreveras your solar panel and battery provider. It operates in 25 states across the United States and provides effective and efficient installation of your purchase.

    Today's Homeowner’s Solar Ranking and Review Methodology

    At Today's Homeowner, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each solar energy company/service according to our methodology.

    Our research team dug deep into the fine print of contracts, combed through more than one hundred customer reviews, and thoroughly investigated all of each solar energy company’s services, costs, and products. We’ve done the homework for you by researching nearly all of the solar energy companies on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

    We developed a formula to objectively determine the best solar energy companies and give each a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

    • Plan Options (30): Do they provide a variety of plan options? We looked at the number of plans each solar energy company offered and the flexibility of adjusting the plan.
    • Services offered (20): How many services are offered in each plan? We looked at whether the company manufactures its own solar panels, whether it contracts out installation, and what additional products each company offers.
    • Trust (10): What do customers say after their solar panels are installed? Does this company offer a guarantee? We considered how satisfied customers are post-service if the company does what it says it will, BBB accreditation, and service guarantees.
    • Prices (10): How reasonable are the costs of the plan or service in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors that offer the same solar energy services.
    • Unique perks (10): Does the company offer discounts or special services such as financial incentives, rebates, or a useful mobile app? We looked for extras each company offers that set them apart from the competition.
    • Customer Service (10): How is the customer experience when contacting the company? We considered the speed of response, weekend/holiday availability, and ease of communication through phone calls, email, and online chat functions.
    • Nationwide availability (10): How many states does the company offer its services? Companies that operate nationally and in all zip codes are favored over those with limited availability.

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