Head to the home center and you’ll see an overwhelming selection of light bulbs. Many homeowners have to think on their feet about their preferences when it comes to the bulb’s shape, brightness and color temperature — and that’s no easy feat!

Fortunately, the EcoSmart Dimmable LED Light Bulb has you covered for every possible situation.

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About the EcoSmart Color-Changing Light Bulb

Here’s a common problem: You buy a light bulb, thinking it’s one color, only to realize, after installing it, that the color temperature clashes with your other bulbs.

EcoSmart’s color-changing LED light bulb makes this problem obsolete. It has three color temperature settings — soft white, bright white and daylight.

Flip the switch to select the desired color temperature, and just like that, no more mismatched light bulbs!

So, the technology allows you to head to the home center with confidence, knowing that you will always pick the right light bulb and color temperature.

Best of all, this bulb only uses 9 watts of energy to produce 800 lumens — equivalent to a typical 60-watt incandescent light bulb.

And remember, LED lighting isn’t just the most efficient lighting technology, it’s also the longest-lasting option in the market.

So, you can’t go wrong with this light bulb’s technology and its convenient features.

Jodi Marks with EcoSmart color changing light bulb.
Best New Products host Jodi Marks demonstrates the EcoSmart color-changing light bulb.

Where to Install in Your Home

Still not sure which light bulb goes where? No problem. EcoSmart provides recommendations for each color temperature setting’s optimal placement. This removes all the guesswork!

The soft white temperature setting is perfect for applications requiring warm and inviting light. For example, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Try the bright white temperature setting for a slightly cooler light appearance suitable for any interior room.

And daylight is ideal for rooms that require bright, crisp light. For instance, kitchens, offices and utility rooms.

You can find this light bulb, and many other great products, at homedepot.com.

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