Under-Cabinet Lighting Made Easy with EcoSmart Tape Lighting

EcoSmart’s LED Tape Light makes installing under-cabinet lighting easy. (Photo via The Home Depot)

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates those dark corners on your countertop. However, it’s a little cumbersome to install.

Read on to learn why tape lighting has become all the rage.

under-cabinet lights in a kitchen
Under-cabinet lighting brightens up a kitchen, but it usually requires extra electrical work. (Adobe Stock)

The Problem with Traditional Under-Cabinet Lighting 

Traditional under-cabinet lighting is beautiful, but to install it, you have to rewire your kitchen.

To control the lighting, you’ll need to give up a light switch or install a brand new one.

Plus, you might have to cut holes in the bottom cabinets to accommodate the light fixtures. 

EcoSmart’s LED Tape Light changes colors to match your mood. (Photo via The Home Depot)

The Easy Way to Get Under-Cabinet Lighting

EcoSmart’s LED Tape Light makes it easy to get under-cabinet lighting right where you need it. 

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The LED lights on the tape strip not only brighten up your space, but they can change colors! 

Tune the lights to bright white during the day and soft white in the evenings. Feeling festive? Select from a spectrum of colors and dozens of pre-programmed light settings and modes. 

Control the lights with a remote —so there’s no need to hook them up to a wall light switch. Use it to turn the lights off and on and even set them on a timer.

Don’t want to keep up with yet another remote? Get the same remote control from your phone! All you need to do is download The Hubspace app to pair the lights to Amazon Alexa, an Apple Smart Home device or Google Assistant. 

Control the light tape with a remote or through the Hubspace App. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

More About EcoSmart LED Tape Light

EcoSmart’s 16-foot RGB Tunable White Smart LED Tape Light can be trimmed to custom fit your under-cabinet space. The tape can be cut where it is marked with scissors, about every 19.6 inches.

You can link up to two 16-foot kits for a 32-foot run with no additional accessories needed.

The EcoSmart LED Tape Light includes everything you need to install — an adapter, controller with cable, 24-key remote control, 12 mounting clips and 24 screws.

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find EcoSmart’s 16-foot RGB Tunable White Smart LED Tape Light at The Home Depot.

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