A Plant Shelf That Won’t Damage Vinyl Siding

A plant shelf is great for displaying potted flowers and herbs. 

Potted plants can quickly clutter up your patio or deck space. Building shelves for them not only frees up valuable floor space but also perfectly displays your plants for all to see.

Adding a shelf to a home with wood siding is easy to do. But what if your home has vinyl siding? Screw holes damage the vinyl and can be hard to repair if you decide to take down the shelves later on.

Hanging a plant shelf on vinyl siding can be done without doing any damage. These simple plant shelves hang on the outside of the house using a small hook designed specifically for vinyl siding.

Here’s how to do it. 

Start your shelf with a piece of 1×6 wood. Use a can or another round bottom object as a guide to cut the corner for a round edge.

On the back of each shelf, nail two sawtooth picture hangers. 

To keep the plant shelf hanging in a horizontal position, build a small trapezoid corbel from 2×4 material. To do this, make a 45-degree diagonal cut and then a 90-degree cut, one inch from the diagonal. 

Attach the corbel to the shelf with its longest edge facing the wall and slightly offset to the back. The offset accommodates the angle of the siding. 

To hang the shelf, thread the siding hooks through the sawtooth hangers before slipping the hooks under a row of siding on the wall.  

Because the hooks attach beneath the vinyl siding, there won’t be any damage left behind if you decide to move your plant shelves!

Watch the video to see how it’s done!

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  1. Hmmm, this is pretty genius! I can imagine using this as a coffee cup holder on a very small balcony apartment. If you make one long enough it would hold a cell phone too and maybe some sunscreen. 🙂 Great idea. I wonder if it would work for hardie board siding?


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