If you are interested in adding board and batten siding to your home, it might be helpful to understand what is available and where to find it. Today, we will briefly discuss what board and batten siding is made from and where to purchase it.

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Where Can I Buy Board and Batten Siding?

Board and batten siding can be made from a few different materials, depending on the desired appearance. High grade wood materials, like #1 grade lumber, will provide a clean look, while repurposed barn materials may look more rustic. Luxury homes often have board and batten siding made from synthetic materials such as MiraTec, Hardie fiber cement boards, or vertical vinyl siding. 

Natural Wood Board and Batten Siding

Specialty Lumber Retailer

Board and batten siding is traditionally made from naturally rot resistant wood species, like cedar, redwood, and poplar. Most large lumber retailers will not stock these materials in bulk, but specialty lumber retailers often do. These retailers can be found in or near any major city by searching for “specialty lumber retailer”. These businesses specialize in other materials larger stores do not stock, like sophisticated trim and exotic woods.

National Retailer Pro Desk/Commercial Sales Desk

National retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot will also make these materials available through special order. To use this option, you will want an accurate material count for your project. Because these retailers do not typically stock these materials, they are often hesitant to allow unused materials to be returned.


If the goal of the project is to form an authentic looking board and batten exterior, many professional builders repurpose materials salvaged from barns. Many farmers have realized this popularity and often advertise using classified advertising, like Craigslist. Some will offer the lumber for free if the builder demolishes the barn. Others may take the extra step to disassemble the barn and offer the material for sale by the board foot.

Synthetic Board and Batten Siding

Synthetic board and batten materials, like fiber cement, Mira-Tec, and vinyl, are likely the most common in modern construction due to their low maintenance requirement and ease of installation. Fiber cement siding is made from cement reinforced with fiberglass strands for rigidity and durability. MiraTec is a trim material made from by-products of the milling industry, like sawdust, that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Vinyl board and batten siding requires the least amount of maintenance and is likely the easiest to install.

National Retailer Pro Desk/Commercial Sales Desk

Hardie products, as well as MiraTec, aluminum and vinyl board and batten siding are available through most big box retailers. In Home Depot stores, special orders are made through the “Pro Desk”, while at Lowes, special orders are made from the “Commercial Sales” department. The pros working in these departments are often retired professionals that can offer loads of useful advice. These departments can also source board and batten materials from a local retailer, but allow you to purchase them with your store credit card.

Board and Batten Siding Is Here to Stay

Although board and batten style siding has been available for many decades, its popularity has never waned. Board and batten siding is a great way to break up visual lines, add interest, and protect the home from the elements. If you are looking for a DIY friendly siding project, you can do no better than board and batten siding.

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