Gone are the days of basic, boring home cladding that has no character. These days, with so many material and style options available, it is possible to come up with beautiful and modern cladding design ideas.

Although there are countless materials to choose from, there is something about the classic option of hardwood that really stands out. While hardwood may be a traditional material that has been around for centuries, that doesn’t mean it cannot work well for modern home design ideas. 

Check out these 7 modern exterior cladding design ideas that use beautiful, natural wood.

Hardwood Siding and Modern Exterior Cladding

When it comes to exterior cladding or siding, hardwood has long been a go-to option. In fact, hardwood is still popular today precisely because it’s a classic option that homeowners have turned to for years.

But, while it is a classic style of siding, that does not mean it is always classic in appearance. These days, hardwood comes in a wide range of styles and colors that work flawlessly with modern home design. When done the right way, hardwood can work beautifully as modern exterior cladding for homes across the country.

Modern Exterior Cladding Design Ideas

1. Install Cladding in Different Directions

One modern exterior cladding design idea to consider turns the way you install the cladding on its head. It may not sound like a significant design idea, but it can create an impactful, modern design when done right. 

Houses with a modern design that looks modular are the perfect candidate for this design idea. Part of the home has the cladding installed in the classic, horizontal direction, while the other part of the house features vertically-installed cladding. 

This not only creates an eye-catching design element but can also differentiate areas of the home.

2. Mix Hardwood With Other Siding Materials

These days, people are no longer concerned about their exterior cladding being made of matching material. In fact, now one modern exterior cladding design idea is to combine two or more types of cladding in a single home design. 

Hardwood is a material that works well with virtually all types of cladding. One popular combination includes hardwood cladding with stone accents. But, you can also combine wood cladding with other materials like brick and vinyl.

3. Mix Different Colors of Wood

Another more straightforward, modern exterior cladding idea to consider is mixing different colors of hardwood. One of the great benefits of hardwood is that it comes in a wide range of species, and therefore colors and shades, creating endless opportunities to mix-and-match. Or, it can be as simple as using two different colored stains on the same type of hardwood. 

Mixing and matching can help to create a more interesting design on the exterior of the home. It can also help certain aspects of the home exterior to act as accent pieces, so they stand out from the rest of the house.

4. Choose Skinnier Boards

A great thing about hardwood cladding is the endless options that are available. Not only does hardwood come in different species and colors, but different widths as well. 

Usually, people use wider boards for their home’s cladding. But, for a more modern idea, consider using skinnier boards. It’s something different that you don’t see on many houses, which will allow yours to stand out more from the crowd.

5. Create Sharp Angles

Have you ever thought about creating sharp angles with your modern cladding? 

This design idea is especially great for modern-style mountain homes where sharp-lined roofs are beneficial in ensuring that snow does not pile up on the home. The sharp angles can create a dramatic exterior design that, when coupled with hardwood cladding, will be sure to make for a modern look.

6. Add Lots of Windows

Nothing is more modern than combining hardwood with big, wide-open window walls. Window walls are a common design element for modern homes and are great for different reasons. 

For one, they let a lot of light enter the home, which can make it feel light and airy. For another, they also allow you to enjoy the views of your property. When coupled with wood cladding, windows can create a very modern, dramatic look.

7. Combine It With Rustic Elements

Just because you are looking for a modern exterior cladding look doesn’t mean every aspect has to be modern. Combining modern hardwood features with more rustic or classic features, like a simple wood door or more rustic wood colors, can soften the design. 

But it doesn’t mean the home will lose its overall modern look. By breaking up some of the modernness, you can make sure it does not lose the warmth all homes should have.

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