TruLog is a family-owned business that offers durable steel siding with all the charm of a rustic log home. Since 1985, TruLog has become the first choice of log home enthusiasts who don’t want to be bothered with siding panel maintenance. Its maintenance-free log siding panel uses high-quality steel made in the USA that comes in HD wood grain for an authentic timber look.

Below, we’ll explore TruLog’s log siding panels in detail and explain the reasons we prefer it over other types of house siding.

TruLog Products: An Overview

TruLog offers two main product lines: steel log siding and board and batten siding. Both types of siding emulate the aesthetic of wood siding without the dreaded wood maintenance issues.

Key Features

Durable steel construction

Resistance to rot, decay, and insect damage

Low-maintenance exterior that doesn’t require painting or staining

Energy efficiency from foam backer insulation that reduces air infiltration

30-year paint protection warranty

TruLog products don’t require staining or repainting, and they have a 30-year paint warranty for steel log siding. Moreover, the faux wood siding panels prevent insect infestations, eliminating rotting wood and log chinking. This treatment saves you from spending money on log replacements. The steel log panels use a durable coating and Teflon protector that prevents wear, scratches, and fading.

TruLog ensures its siding panels are maintenance-free and can withstand harsh weather and intense UV rays. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, TruLog is an excellent choice since its siding is 100% recyclable and has an above-average life span. It emits less CO2 than vinyl, so it’s a great choice for eco-conscious buyers. The brand’s siding offers other advantages, including fire resistance, pest resistance, and consistent quality control, ensuring perfect siding time after time.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

I highly recommend TruLog siding panels — they’re high-quality, maintenance-free solutions that are energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and have a negligible carbon footprint. Not only that, their steel log siding uses hewing, chinking, and chink line technology to invoke a traditional log look.

Steel Log Siding

TruLog’s steel log siding replicates the natural wood log look while providing unmatched durability. The siding uses 26 gauge galvanized steel with an authentic wood grain finish. This grain mimics traditional log construction methods with modern materials.

Key benefits of TruLog’s steel log siding:

Rigid 26 gauge steel prevents dents and resists impact
Wood grain HD print technology recreates log charm
Hewing, chinking, and chink lines mimic traditional logs
Proprietary UV-resistant coating prevents fading
Teflon protector provides scratch resistance and easy cleaning
Foam backer insulates and minimizes noise

The siding logs use advanced infrared reflective coating technology to reduce energy costs by keeping interiors cooler. TruLog offers steel log siding in nine nature-inspired colors. Whether you prefer warm neutrals like Buckskin and Chestnut or bold hues like Delta Blue, there’s a color to suit your home. As an added plus, an insulating foam backer comes standard with all siding panels.

Board and Batten Siding

In addition to log siding, TruLog manufactures board and batten siding for a charming wood plank look using vertical steel siding. This siding uses the same durable, low-maintenance steel construction as its log siding.

Benefits of TruLog’s board and batten siding:

Contemporary, trendy plank look 
Vertical steel plank design alternates with batten strips
Plank detailing adds exterior architectural interest
Available in over ten colors, including a classic white
Mimics wood siding without maintenance
Won’t rot, warp, or succumb to wood-boring pests
Insulating foam backer enhances energy efficiency

The white board and batten siding offers a classic facade reminiscent of most farmhouse siding materials. Unlike real wood siding, TruLog’s steel version requires no upkeep to maintain its pristine look. For cottage or farmhouse styles, the white board and batten is an excellent siding choice.

TruLog’s Steel Log Siding Maximizes ROI

Investing in TruLog siding can maximize your home’s return on investment. TruLog siding adds value thanks to its curb appeal, durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance upkeep.

If you want to boost home resale value on a budget, TruLog siding provides beautiful curb appeal and quality without the premium cost of real wood. Many homeowners find the long-term investment pays off eventually when selling.

So, Is TruLog Steel Siding Right for My Home?

If low maintenance and durability are priorities for your home’s siding, TruLog presents a compelling option. Its wood-look steel siding captures the aesthetic of logs or planks without the frequent upkeep and wood rot downsides, and it comes at a more budget-friendly price than authentic wood installation.

For log cabin-inspired homes, TruLog’s steel log siding lets you achieve that rustic character without dealing with chinking, staining, or paint touch-ups later. Their siding comes in a natural color, emulating real wood’s patina. While fiber cement and vinyl siding also offer low-maintenance exteriors, neither can match the authentic look and durability of TruLog’s steel.

If you seek durable, affordable siding that retains its pristine condition for decades, TruLog steel offers unbeatable value. Be sure to consult a siding specialist during design to ensure proper installation and integration with your facade. With the right planning, you can enjoy TruLog’s low-upkeep siding for years to come.

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FAQs About TruLog Siding

Does TruLog siding hold up in extreme weather?

Yes. TruLog steel siding is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, storms, wind, and rain. Its paint finishes and steel construction resist damage from harsh weather.

Does TruLog siding require painting or staining?

No. TruLog siding comes pre-finished from the factory with a 30-year paint warranty. Their proprietary coating resists fading and damage, eliminating the need for paint touch-ups.

How long does TruLog siding last?

With proper installation, TruLog steel siding can provide a 50+ year service life. This life span far exceeds the longevity of most real wood or other siding.

Is TruLog siding environmentally friendly?

Yes. TruLog steel siding contains up to 35% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. TruLog’s siding manufacturing process also emits far less CO2 than vinyl.

Does TruLog offer installation services?

TruLog provides the siding materials, but it doesn’t handle any installation. I suggest hiring a qualified siding contractor for proper installation as per manufacturer guidelines.

Does TruLog siding increase resale value?

Yes. Quality siding like TruLog steel can increase curb appeal and minimize future maintenance costs for buyers. Installing quality siding makes homes more attractive to prospective buyers.

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