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May 10, 2023

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    Both TimberTex® Premium and Seal-A-Ridge® Protective are ridge cap shingles, which help protect the roof’s ridges and hips against harsh weather conditions that may cause separation of ridges to shingles. They also allow them to shed debris and water effectively, reduce blow-off, and enhance the durability of the roofing shingles. 

    In this article, you’ll find information about TimberTex® Premium and Seal-A-Ridge® Protective to help you understand the difference between the two. It’s also important to know about the factors you need to consider to see which product line suits your preference and needs best.

    Below is a comprehensive analysis of their cost, warranty, durability, and installation process.

    TimberTex® Overview

    TimberTex® is a rid cap shingle brand made by GAF, a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing products for residential and commercial applications based in New Jersey, North America.

    Source: www.gaf.com

    The company offers roofing systems and solar roofing products, including shingles, leak barriers, fiber-cement siding, ductwork, pavement coatings, roof and wall nail base insulation, ventilation, vent, and ornamental iron products.

    TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles provides a finishing touch with a dimensional look to your roof. Its specifications include double-layer rid cap shingles that are approximately 12 inches (305 mm) wide and long with eight inches (216 mm) of exposure.

    Moreover, the packaging provides 30 double-layer ridge caps per bundle. It also covers 20 lineal ft. (6.1 lm) per bundle, and five bundles of it cover 100 lineal ft. (30.5 lm). 

    TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles come in 36 available color variations. including Biscayne Blue, Birchwood, Canadian Driftwood, Charcoal, Driftwood, Fox Hollow, Mission Brown, Oyster Gray, Patriot Red, Pewter Gray, Hunter Green, Shakewood, Slate, Weathered Wood, Williamsburg Slate, Barkwood, Hickory, Golden Harvest, Nantucket Morning, Cedar Falls, Appalachian Sky, and Antique Slate.

    They also offer premium color choices, including Black Oak Premium, Cedar Premium, Royal Slate Premium, Weathered Timber Premium, Charcoal Premium, English Gray Premium, Mesa Brown Premium, Mission Brown Premium, Storm Cloud Gray Premium, Stonewood/Autumn Brown Premium, Weathered Slate Premium, Weathered Wood Premium, Castlewood Gray Premium, and Cedarwood Abbey Premium.

    Seal‑A‑Ridge® Overview

    Seal‑A‑Ridge® is also manufactured by GAF, New-Jersey-based roofing and waterproofing manufacturer. It’s a brand of ridge cap shingles that also adds a classic finishing look while complementing the color of your GAF roofing shingles.

    Source: gaf.com

    All dimensions of Seal‑A‑Ridge® Ridge Cap Shingles are nominal and are used with GAF Timberline® HDZ™, Timberline® NS, Timberline® UHD, Timberline® CS, and Timberline® AH Shingles. Its specifications include cost-effective ridge cap shingles that are approximately 12 inches (304.8 mm) wide and long with 6 2/3 inches (169.16 mm) of exposure. 

    Moreover, the packaging provides 45 pieces of ridge caps shingles per bundle. It also covers 25 lineal. ft. (7.6 lineal. m) per bundle and four bundles of it cover 100 lineal ft. (30.5 lm).

    Seal-A-Ridge® Protective Ridge Cap Shingles come in 24 available color variations, including Birchwood, Canadian Driftwood, Charcoal, Driftwood, Fox Hollow Gray, Mission Brown, Oyster Gray, Pewter Gray, Barkwood, Hickory, Hunter Green, Shakewood, Slate, Sunset Brick, Weathered Wood, White, Williamsburg Slate, Cedar Falls, Appalachian Sky, Nantucket Morning, Golden Harvest, Golden Harvest, Golden Harvest, and Golden Harvest.

    TimberTex® vs Seal‑A‑Ridge®: Cost Comparison

    GAF doesn’t specifically include the most accurate online pricing of the two ridge cap shingles on their website, but you can look for the nearest residential roofing contractors to get insights about the most accurate estimate possible. 

    For the most accurate pricing of both and Timberline® NS Shingles, you can get them through the authorized contractors or distributors of GAF. You can also check the available list on the website of GAF.

    TimberTex® vs Seal‑A‑Ridge®: Warranty Comparison

    GAF offers Lifetime Limited Warranty for both TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles and Seal-A-Ridge® Protective Ridge Cap Shingles. Both product lines have a Lifetime coverage for Limited Warranty Term and apply for 10 years for the manufacturing defect coverage during the Smart Choice® Protection Period.

    For the Algae Warranty Coverage, both ridge cap shingle brands offer StainGuard® 10 Years coverage for the Limited Warranty term and apply for 1 year during the Smart Choice® Protection Period. TimberTex® covers 15 years for the Wind Warranty Coverage, while Seal-A-Ridge® covers only five years for the Limited Warranty term. 

    Moreover, the Lifetime Limited Warranty applies to residents of the United States or Canada and if you are the original property owner. The limited warranty is also transferable but it can only be done once to the subsequent owner. The second owner will have the same warranty coverage ff the transfer takes place within the Smart Choice® Protection Period.

    During the Smart Choice® Protection Period, GAF will cover the full repair and labor cost or the cost to re-cover any defective GAF Products. They will also provide the replacement of GAF Products or provide a  reasonable expense to purchase the necessary replacement GAF Products. The labor costs will no longer be covered after the Smart Choice® Protection Period.

    TimberTex® vs Seal‑A‑Ridge®: Durability Comparison

    TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles offer premium double-layer protection that enhances the strength and durability of the ridge cap shingles and protects them against leaks and blow-offs, especially high-stress areas of your roof, such as at the hips and ridges

    Seal‑A‑Ridge® Ridge Cap Shingles feature a machine-cut design that provides a more uniform and cleaner finished look than cut-up 3-tab strip shingles. It also has a pre-scored design that eliminates the need for time-consuming cuts.

    Both TimberTex® and Seal‑A‑Ridge® feature Dura Grip™ Self-Seal Adhesive that seals each shingle tightly, keeping them attached in place. The adhesive also reduces the risk of the shingles blowing off due to high winds. Also, both ridge cap shingle brands feature StainGuard® Protection that helps maintain the beauty of the ridge cap shingles against blue-green algae.

    TimberTex® vs Seal‑A‑Ridge®: Installation Process Comparison

    Both TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles and Seal-A-Ridge® Protective Ridge Cap Shingles provide ease of installation and a higher-quality alternative to using cut-up strip ridge shingles. They both use the same comprehensive installation process. 

    Start at the lowest hit intersection and work up the roof. Cut a starter course and align with a drip edge, leaving only the black section with the adhesive. Next is to align the first shingle, so the adhesive strip is just inside the corner of the drip edge, and then fasten the shingle with two nails. Make sure to use only zinc-coated steel or aluminum nails. 

    The nails you will use should also be 3/4″ (19mm) long to penetrate the roof deck. Next is to trim flush to the drip edge. When you apply a new shingle, overlap the starter shingle and extend past the drip edge on the eaves. Again, nail in place and trim flush to the drip edge.

    Moreover, layout the next shingle using alignment notches in the headlap area as a guide but do not nail it down yet. Strike a chalk line up the hip along the edge of the two shingles first and parallel to the hip centerline to align up the hip.

    After that, you can now nail down the second shingle. Continue to work your way up the hip using the same process while keeping the shingles aligned to the chalk line. Finish the ridge cap installation by applying roofing cement over the exposed nails.

    TimberTex® vs Seal‑A‑Ridge®: Final Showdown

    Both TimberTex® Premium and Seal-A-Ridge® Protective are high-quality and durable ridge cap shingles, which protect high-stress areas like the ridges of your roof against blow-off. They also help add a much more modern touch and contemporary accent to your roofing shingles.

    Moreover, both ridge cap shingle brands come in a wide selection of color variations, and they provide ease of installation. If you prefer a premium ridge cap shingle with a longer coverage for the wind warranty, then TimberTex® Premium Ridge Cap Shingles suit you best.

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