Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 6, 2020

Dogs digging up holes in the backyard
Dogs digging up your yard? We have the solution. (DepositPhotos)

If you own a home long enough, you’ll eventually spot all kinds of pests, both indoors and outdoors.

They can be actual backyard pests like chiggers, or nuisances like white fungi invading your garden. Sometimes, our furry friends can temporarily become pests, like when dogs dig unsightly holes.

A noisy A/C unit could be pretty bothersome, as could cracks in kitchen cabinet doors, and paint that keeps peeling no matter how many coats you apply.

And we’ll talk about all these challenges, and much more, on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [3:09] Tips for summer A/C maintenance
  • [6:40] How to set ceiling fans for summer cooling
  • [7:03] The importance of sealing a home’s envelope
  • [8:50] Putting in a post with concrete
  • [15:54] Tips for getting rid of backyard chiggers
  • [28:25] Best New Product: Ryobi 40-Volt, 20-Inch Brushless Push Mower
  • [30:43] What to do about residual glue under tile floors
  • [42:12] Tips for waterproofing a curbless shower
  • [49:41] Simple Solution: How to drill pilot holes for soft, metal screws without breaking them
  • [55:22] Window replacements: Is this a DIY job?
  • [57:12] How to stop dogs from digging backyard holes
  • [59:04] How to restore furniture for outside use
  • [1:01:34] ‘What are these flat, white roots?’
  • [1:03:30] What to do about peeling paint on the walls
  • [1:11:02] Tips for insulating a patio
  • [1:22:13] What to do about cracks in kitchen cabinet doors
  • [1:26:08] What to do about a noisy hallway A/C unit
  • [1:36:08] ‘My in-ground sprinkler heads won’t pop up — what now?’
  • [1:38:40] Tips for painting pressure-treated posts
  • [1:44:00] Simple Solution: How to get all the paint out of a spray-paint can

Best New Product

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