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We’re making some big changes to the yard of Homeowners Billy Kavula and Brenda Martens in Mobile, Alabama, including building a paver driveway and walkway and improving the look of an existing concrete patio by cleaning and staining it.

Paver Driveway and Walk

Before we could begin laying the Pavestone pavers, we first removed 4” of dirt and filled it with crushed limestone to act as a base for the pavers. After the base had been leveled, a motorized plate compactor was used to compress it.

Danny Lipford tilling up ground for paver driveway.
Danny Lipford tilling up ground.

Next came a 1” layer of Pavestone Paver Sand, which was leveled using parallel pipes as a guide and a straight 2×4 for the screed board.

After the base was ready, the straight paver border was installed first using a string for alignment. Four different size pavers were then laid in a random pattern to fill in the driveway and walk.

A garden hose was used to layout the curved edges, and a motorized concrete saw cut the curves in the pavers. Quikrete Fast-Setting Concrete Mix was poured around the outside of the pavers to secure them in place.

Push brooms were used to distribute the sand on top of the pavers, followed by a plate compactor to force the sand down deep in the seams.

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Allen Lyle and homeowner Brenda Martens staining concrete patio.
Allen Lyle and homeowner Brenda Martens staining concrete patio.

Concrete Patio Facelift

The first step in improving the look of the patio in the backyard was to clean the concrete thoroughly using a 50/50 mixture of Quikrete Cleaner, Etcher & Degreaser (No. 8675-34) and water. Be sure to wear protective clothing, safety glasses, and impervious rubber gloves when using concrete cleaner.

Pour or spray the concrete cleaner on the surface, and allow it to work for one minute before scrubbing. Water is then used to rinse off the cleaner.

After it was dry, the patio was stained with Quikrete Terra Cotta Translucent Concrete Stain (No. 7215-15) using a brush and roller to apply it.

When the concrete stain was dry, Quikrete High Gloss Sealer (No. 8800-06) was applied to further seal and protect the surface.

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