Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 19, 2021

Crawl space vent, as seen on a brick home
The screen on your crawl space vent can deteriorate over time, and we’ve got the fix! (©bigal04uk, Adobe Stock Photos)
  • [3:54]: Danny & Joe share memories of their fathers
  • [17:03]: Whether to use radiant barrier underlayment for a new roof
  • [21:24]: Alternative suggestions for routing a bathroom vent fan
  • [28:17]: The Home Depot’s 4 Seasons of Home Ownership-Summer Segment
  • [34:50]: Home Depot Best New Product: Moen Host Series Continuous-Feed, Space Saving Garbage Disposal
  • [40:27]: Solved: Finding a backsplash that’s durable and easy to install
  • [49:27]: Replacing a worn-out basement door
  • [50:54]: Simple Solution: an easy way to apply paste wax to furniture
  • [55:41]: Solution for nails backing out of the drywall
  • [57:41]: A caller comments on her success after following a tip from Danny & Joe
  • [01:02:37]: What you should know about a leaky pressure relief valve on a water heater
  • [01:11:20]: Solutions for leaks where the patio roof meets the roof of a gable house. 
  • [01:14:09]: Recommendations for replacing windows
  • [01:22:09]: Best steps for replacing an existing HVAC system
  • [01:34:11]: Tips for replacing a crawl space vent screen 
  • [01:37:23]: Steps to spray paint an outdoor mailbox. 
  • [01:43:05]: Simple Solution: how to kill grass with cardboard
  • [01:44:02]: Danny & Joe talk about how mysterious packages are showing up at their homes

Do you know how to replace a crawl space vent screen? How about how spray painting an outdoor mailbox? Or routing a bathroom vent fan without going through the roof? 

All kinds of issues sneak up on homeowners and require improvement or maintenance, and we’ll talk about those things in this week’s episode. 

Also: Our 4 Seasons of Homeownership Summer checklist is back! Find out how to prep your home for the heat. 

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for more home improvement tips!

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