Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | January 9, 2020

Swimming pool, seen close up, at Today's Homeowner host Danny Lipford's house

Did you know that one of the top home improvements during the Covid-19 pandemic is installing a swimming pool?

Do you want to paint your house, shed or some other exterior surface and wonder if it’s too cold outside for the job? What about lubricants — do you know which ones to use for lock mechanisms?

We’re talking about those topics, and much more, on this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [16:58] How to install lights that turn on when a door opens
  • [28:23] Best New Product: Werner Ladders’ 22-foot 5-in-1 Multiposition Ladder
  • [33:27] When is it too cold to paint exterior surfaces?
  • [40:02] How to reduce a garage door’s noise
  • [43:50] The right lubricants to use — especially for lock mechanisms
  • [44:21] The most popular home improvement projects for a pandemic
  • [49:44] Simple Solution: How to clean whole-house, furnace-mounted humidifier filters
  • [1:10:13] The best way to clean quilted blinds
  • [1:15:25] Adding insulation in an attic: DIY or hire a pro?
  • [1:22:44] How to find the source of moisture in your attic
  • [1:33:53] Tips for installing pegboard in a metal shed
  • [1:36:41] How to repair hairline cracks in the tub
  • [1:43:05] Simple Solution: A simple trick to hang pictures exactly where you want them

Best New Product

Werner Ladders' 5-in-1 Multiposition Ladder, seen as a step ladder and as two self-supporting scaffolding bracesMost homeowners don’t have enough storage space for five ladders. This multi-position ladder does several jobs, saving you money and storage. Learn more>>

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