Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of September 16, 2017

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Simple Solution

Create a makeshift leaf blower from your wet/dry vacuum. Remove the motor unit from the top of the vacuum and then connect the vacuum hose into the “blower” port. Now you can use it to blow leaves from your garage, driveway and patio.

Hour 1

Gale in MD
I covered my barn with used commercial grade baked on metal siding that is green and I would like to paint it gray. Everyone tells me I can’t do that because the paint will not stick or just peel off. Is there any way to prepare the surface so I can paint it?

Susan in AL
I have strippable wallpaper in my bathroom. I have stripped off the vinyl layer. Some of the paper part came off but the majority did not. The wall was painted before I put up the wallpaper. What is the best way to remove the remaining paper part?

My contractor laid tile on plywood floor board. The grout is cracking and the tile is loose. Must I take up the whole floor? How can I fix this?

I have some tile coming loose from the concrete on our front porch. I would like to re-adhere it. Can you tell me what products/steps it will take?

I live in a mobile home with vinyl wallpaper. Can I paint over it?

What can be installed in weep holes to prevent flooding during heavy storms? Something temporary that can be removed after the waters subside.

Hour 2

David in CA
My master bathroom shower does not put out any hot water. It’s a single lever type that you turn it from 3 o’clock (off) to 12 o’clock (cold) to 9 o’clock (hot). It was installed during a total remodel of the bathroom last summer. It’s never really gotten hot even at the full 9 o’clock position and we didn’t bother with it over the winter, but now my wife wants it fixed so she can use it. What can be the potential issues, and can I fix this myself without calling a plumber?

Ruby in AL
What would cause too much moisture in a home. A/C usually set on 75. Mold is forming on leather goods and some furniture. Salt was our first indication of problem.

Karen in VA
I recently bought a house built in 1907. It sits on a hill, and the front of the house has plenty of crawl space, but as the hill goes up the space goes down. I was not even able to get a termite inspection because there is only 7 inches from the ground to the floor joist. I want to excavate enough to be able to get an inspection and replace what I know must be damaged ductwork, etc. Are there any do or don’ts I should be aware of?

Annie in TX
My home took on about 3-5 inches of water from Hurricane Harvey and my floors got wet. I had a couple of heavy throw rugs which soaked up a lot of the water by the time I returned home. I’m unsure of how long the water was in my home. My floors look a little wavy but none of the planks have come up. Is there a way for me to save my floors?

Randy in GA
I have a house that has a small crawl space entrance that is only 1 feet high. The crawl space needs a moisture barrier and insulation around the walls. What is the best option to get my crawl space insulated?

Matt in AL
Does a house need soffit vents under the eves and gable vents on the ends? Or would just gable end vents be okay?


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