Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of March 25, 2017

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Hour 1

Ramona in VA
We would like to install security lighting to keep our property safe and secure, but with so many products out there where do we begin?

My den is really dark. It was built in the ’70s and has dark paneling and dark chair rail. The fireplace is the same brick as the outside of my house and I want to do something to it to lighten up the room. I really don’t want to paint the paneling. Some people say I should remove it and I don’t know what to do.

John in AL
What would cause pinkish/red bleeding on the outside of my home? This is a slab on block-fill foundation and real stucco finish. Seems to do it more in winter cooler months.

Steve in NV
I am buying a house (2500 sq ft) that needs to have a lot of interior painting done. I am thinking about buying a airless sprayer to get the job done. Is it worth it or should I just stick to brush and roll?

Debi in NC
I have heard you refer to a mold/mildew resistant grout on your show but couldn’t find reference to same here on the website. What is the product that you have spoken highly of in the past?

Sheryl in NY
Once a tub stoppage is fixed, how to maintain so it doesn’t happen again. I have read vinegar, baking soda, etc. Arm and Hammer might make a specific product for this. How much to use of each? Also, does the soap or shampoo you use cause this?

Eliana in CA
We just had a wooden fence installed in back yard and the color is a light beige. Does it get darker with time?

Hour 2

Sherry in TN
I have bamboo flooring and need a good rug grip for area rugs. Been told that the rubberized big mats you can put down on wood floors under rugs soak up the oils in wood floors which discolors them and ruins them.

Marilyn in CA
What is the best and safest way to remove paint from the bricks surrounding our fireplace. Our home is about 30 years old.

David in AL
I recently had my HVAC serviced. During the inspection, the technician found some mold on the wires in the inside of the unit. He recommended I have a sanitation treatment done and a ionizer installed ($975.00). He said my other option would be to have a sanitation treatment done and a UV light installed ($650.00). The house is only 4 1/2 years old. Would you recommend either and if so, which one?

Mary in CA
What would cause a crack to develop in the middle of house in one area of my ceiling? Is it settling of the foundation or more serious problem? Will my ceiling open up?

Felicia in AL
In my shower my brother painted the bottom shower walls and used putty around all the faceboard. Now, it is turning black. How can I remove and repair this?

Jill in NC
Our crawl space needs to be cleaned up. Insulation is old and some falling and needs new plastic on floor. Companies are trying to sell us on encapsulating it all, but I don’t think it’s necessary. What are your thoughts?


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